I Might Have To Punch Your Friggin’ Lights Out

chuckpunch1“i’m disappointed and i’m hurt…
to see you in dis light oh kay…
but i still luh you…” *erica deep voice cry*
so i want to know something from the foxhole.

its something i was pondering while watching #lhhatl tonight…

so lets say your friend came out with a sex tape,
similar to mimi’s situation,
how would you react?
would you be hurt?
crying crocodile tears like erica and ariane?
or would you be excited?
support them on this new venture?
ready to defend them against all the naysayers?

Santana5i’m just asking because everyone was being so dramatic.
this dinner scene with all these tears and hurt feelings.
i can understand where they are coming from,
and i may have punched her,
but do they all have a right to be so upset about it?
or is this mimi’s life and they need to mind their business?
i had to wonder…

How passionate are you about your friendships?


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “I Might Have To Punch Your Friggin’ Lights Out”

  1. It depends me and my best friends are close so when I hurt they hurt and vice versa. At the same time We have made decisions that the other doesn’t approve of but it doesn’t affect our friendship like these chick were overdoing on tonight’s episode.

  2. I think something as serious, provocative, racy, invading, and lewd as a SEXTAPE 😯 is worth me expressing my disappointment to my friend. Especially if said friend was a PARENT 🙄

  3. my and my best friend are like brothers. So I would be really disappointed. seriously disappointed. but he always got my support no matter what.

  4. Very passionate, but as grown people, everyone is entitled to make the decisions they feel is best for them. I will have an opinion, but I’ll likely keep it to myself.

  5. It’s not just Mimi’s life. Mimi has a daughter she should’ve been thinking about her. Ain’t no way I’d approve of a friend who had a legit successful business lowering themselves to do porn. Plus, I can’t mind mine when yours is out and spread wide open on camera for everyone to see. Just so uncalled for.

  6. I wouldn’t support any friend making a sex tape when they have a young child. I would also speak on it and deal with my friend’s anger.

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