Zero Is My “Hero” On #HitTheFloor

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 10.03.49 PMi knew i lusted after zero for a reason.
i knew it.
i just knew it.
so spoiler city ahead for those who didn’t watch…

so first of all:






i’m up.
i don’t know if anyone watched #hitthefloor tonight,
but zero and jude got it on super heavy.
after the kiss last week,
i knew zero was way too calm about that.
ain’t that much jesus in the world…
i even called it on my twitter earlier too!!!
the little comments zero was making had me side eyeing him heavy.
i knew he wanted those butt cheeks.
i knew it.
its always the bible thumpers.

HitTheFloor2_NA_85118045_1437660-1400878312so i guess this means the:

“the pipe too good!!!
come out the closet for me zero,
please baby please baby please baby please!!!”

storyline is right around the bend?
that snow fox looks like his nose would get wide open the quickness.
he def ain’t built like me.
i woulda had his pr and image poppin in the day.
the night?

lowkey: i guess he was using jelana for bearding purposes?
there is a good story line here with this twist.
i hope they do it well.

photo courtesy: instagram | vh1

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Zero Is My “Hero” On #HitTheFloor”

  1. I wasn’t feeling Jude and Zero tonight. I like Jude, he’s a sweet guy but, the story was too good to be true. However I don’t think Zero was using Jelana as a beard, she would’ve sniffed something was wrong, she’s too intelligent. I think zero is the authentic definition of a bi sexual man.

    Also is it weird that I am more attracted to Derek than Terrance? Terrance is traditionally handsome but Derek has a something going on I can’t put my finger on. The untrustworthy beady eyes, the devious smirk.

  2. I have to catch up on this. I am not trying to watch Zero get cheeks tho. Nah. I want Zero to get chopped down. Now that’s watchable lol. He bad as hell.

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