Rude Zude?


“we are a mess together.”

so ya’ll know i’m a “hit the floor” fan.
took damn near 7 years for it to come back,
but i was right on board.
season 3 is already starting out good,
but am i the only one interested in this “zude” storyline?
you know i like dysfunctional shit.
they had this HOT sex scene in the closet last night.
it started out like “dis”
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#HITTHEFLOOR (The Body Issue)

here are terrence and derek separately for the #hitthefloor body issue
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Zero Is My “Hero” On #HitTheFloor

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 10.03.49 PMi knew i lusted after zero for a reason.
i knew it.
i just knew it.
so spoiler city ahead for those who didn’t watch…
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Can We Talk About The New Vanilla On Hit The Floor?

Adam Senn as "Zero"ummm hubba hubba?
^that caught my attention on the season premiere episode of “hit the floor”.
the new snow wolf to join the cast is “zero”,
which is played by adam senn.
never heard of him,
but i’m all ears (and tail) of his character…
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Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 7.51.15 PMyes.
oh yes.
^that and vh-1’s “hit the floor” will be back next month on memorial day.
wassup with these “wait a year for my return” shows?
i gotta wait until next year for “girls”.
anyway vh-1 dropped a teaser trailer for the upcoming season 2…
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It Hit The Floor Tonight!


i don’t want to give it away to whoever didn’t see it.
those who didn’t see it you know i got you.

x watch hit the floor

those who did happen to watch it:

lowkey: i loved strippa girl.