Can We Talk About The New Vanilla On Hit The Floor?

Adam Senn as "Zero"ummm hubba hubba?
^that caught my attention on the season premiere episode of “hit the floor”.
the new snow wolf to join the cast is “zero”,
which is played by adam senn.
never heard of him,
but i’m all ears (and tail) of his character…

so zero is the new “30 million dollar” trade to the devils to help them get a ring.
he apparently is the “tim tebow” of basketball.
you know…
“all about jesus”.
uh huh.
i’m sure he’ll get good ‘n’ holy ratchet in a few episodes down the line.
look at how *drool* he is tho:

his lips are just…
good lordt.
am i the only one who likes that line in the middle of the bottom lip?
anyway so yeah uh huh sho nuff right…
i’ll be tuning in this summer season.
looks like it’s already starting off with a bang.

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 10.16.59 PM“hit the floor” with me every monday @ 9pm on vh1.

lowkey: since when did main stream cable start showing:

tumblr_n6az9f7AhD1r4aa4yo2_250 tumblr_n6az9f7AhD1r4aa4yo5_250 tumblr_n6az9f7AhD1r4aa4yo3_250…i’m not complaining.

additional pictures from adam senn’s: instagram

( x watch season premiere episode here )

11 thoughts on “Can We Talk About The New Vanilla On Hit The Floor?

  1. Check back to first season, when the pilot episode captured Terrance’s ass as he going into the shower, after screwing that scheming Jelena. Forget HBO and Showtime, basic cable is getting hotter and hotter

  2. that adam senn has been on my fukn radar longest. ever since i saw him on a D&G editorial photoshoot (i knw, how gay culd i possibly b? lol). he is fiiiiiiiiine as fuk! holy-effin-hey-sius!!

  3. Adam Senn has been a frontline model for Dolce and Gabanna for many years now and a regular feature at their fashion shows. His eyes, to me, are his best feature. He used to do this slight mouth blow thing with those eyes when walking on the runway…damn!

  4. Yea ol dude is bad. His eyes are his best feature tho.

    McKinley Freeman’s ass was not that impressive to me. I think he is sexy as hell, but I expected to see more lol.

  5. Forget Adam Senn. I like the bubblicious booty of the guy at the bottom who appears to be McKinley Freeman in the same series.

  6. I don’t know when they started showing ass. I was a little surprised when they showed Mechad Brooks ass a few years ago. It was yummy looking tho.

    The White dude looks alright. In some pics he looks like rapper Pitbull… barf.

  7. Adam still trying to act?

    The dude at the bottom! Wow! I might have to watch this show.

  8. I wouldn’t mind playing in the snow with him, but that ass in the jacuzzi though. (Wipes drool from mouth)

  9. He is a great addition to the eye candy that is already on the show. Geez, I love this show.

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