He Is Lucky To Be Alive (And In Utah)

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 9.33.45 PMits amazing how someone could harbor such hate for you for years.
you wouldn’t even know until it’s too late…
so pre baller wolf,
lucky radley who plays for utah,
was actually named in elliott rodger’s haunting manifesto.
elliott was jealous and actually hated luke since middle school.
middle school ya’ll.
all because luke was popular,
played sports,
and getting “lucky”.
isn’t that crazy?
all those years that passed and he was still holding a grudge?
you just never know with people these days.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “He Is Lucky To Be Alive (And In Utah)”

    1. No you didn’t bitch. You on your soapbox after you badmouthed the kid in the previous post. WTF? You have a serious forked tongue.

      1. Bad mouthed? He killed people because his ass was jealous, insecure, and socially awkward. He deserves to be bashed. People struggle everyday to fit in but they don’t kill people. Obviously I stepped on your toes with my comment on the other post. Let me tell you this tho. Instead of spending your time attacking me for no reason, maybe you should be spending your time shopping for a pair of steel toed boots, so you won’t feel it as much when your toes get stepped on the next time. No one was talking to you. I have a question too. What have I ever done to you for you to call me a bitch tho? I’ll wait. That was uncalled for, and it makes you come off like a nut.

        Elliot was somewhat attractive, but he had a superficial attitude, which is a turn off. Watch these videos. His attitude was shitty, and yes he was a little crazy. Talking about how he Drives a BMW, and how he is better than everyone else.




    2. My feelings aren’t hurt off you.. I don’t know you from cat shit. As a real ADULT, a mature compassionate human being…you can see the kid was disturbed. I will never say he or anyone deserved to die like you’re saying. I just wish his parents would have stepped up…or a counselor. Im not gonna spit on his grave because he had mental problems. No one knows how close they are to the breaking point or what event will push them over the edge. There are better ways to resolve problems and they don’t involve hatred and finger pointing. Thats all. I won’t argue with a stranger. You can do as you wish.

      1. Wait…when did I say he deserved to die? I must have missed that man. Either way, I did not deserve to be called what you called me. It’s cool doe, I know what the real issue is, and the people reading do too lol. Enjoy the rest of your Thursday.

  1. And Elliot didn’t consider himself lucky… What an idiot. He’s driving around California in a BMW, wearing a $300 pair of Armani sunglasses but everyone else should die because they’re popular and played sports.

    Again, what a fucking idiot that kid was. Things like he what he did always put life into perspective. I keep thinking about that 20 year old that was shot and killed by him in the deli. To think he was just going to get something to eat and winds up dead because of some lunatic. That shit is scary and makes me a little bit paranoid.

    1. ^he killed them in style too.
      drive by in a bmw.

      zen you bring up an interesting point.
      the toddlers.
      now the virgin anti christ.
      we are NOT safe in these streets.
      i think its time to start looking at escape plans when we go anywhere.

      1. Its crazy how so many us have come to this conclusion.Its not safe for US anywhere, really. I would like to live next to Lenny kravitz on the beach.

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