The Virgin Suicide

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 8.18.35 PMwe all want to be accepted.
we all want to be liked and loved.
it’s what drives us into wanting popularity.
it makes us create personas on social media accounts.
everyone in this world wants attention.
what happens to those who can’t achieve popularity?
those who are outcasts to society?
elliot rodgers is the perfect example of an outcast to society.
instead of him using it to fuel his drive for power,
he decided to shoot up innocent victims in a fit of rage at santa barbara…

isn’t that crazy.
i was reading through elliot rodger’s manifesto and was completely mind blown.
the first half it went from me actually feeling sorry for him.
he came off like this nerd who just wanted to fit in.
as i read on,
he started coming off like a fuckin’ psycho.
which he was.
he was a kiss less bullied virgin who wanted to be accepted by females.
he was also a lowkey spoiled brat as well.
he couldn’t understand why the pre baller wolves,
and any straight wolf for that matter,
was getting pussy and he wasn’t.
personally he would have made a great twink.
i think he if he tried his shot at lookin’ for wolves,
he would have had more success.
britpissedjust sayin…

what also confused me was his father was a director on “the hunger games”.
how could he not get any pussy off that?
you know how many wolves would have ran with that to get in some panties?
hell he couldn’t even find a geek off a message board?
ones where they talked about plants or christianity?
baffled i was.
there had to more that was wrong with him.
well besides the crazy.
lets not forget the crazy.
it wasn’t like he was ugly…

…he was just fuckin’ weird.
he had no game.
i’m gay and even i could get pussy if i really wanted.
hell even if you reading wanted as well.
he was also a good writer.
turning that entire manifesto into a movie.
it’s not like he didn’t have the resources.
ultimately he got what he wanted tho.
everyone is talking about him.
even if it is for 15 minutes.

his whole situation left me to wonder about the ignored and the isolated.
it’s no surprise that being gay can leave many of us alone out here.
not all of “us” are attending gay clubs or pride events.
we are not front row at sex parties.
some of us just live normal lives,
getting sex here and there,
or maybe even not at all.
some of us are lonely.
some of us want a friend(s)
some of us are dying to fit it in somewhere.
some of us are getting bullied by the straights and the gays.
some of us are going home to empty apartments and lonely lives.
did elliot rodger deranged rants actually speak to people out there?
people who are suffering and have turned bitter?
there is no doubt being gay can turn one very pessimistic.
when you got virgins out here going insane,
putting together murder plots and writing elaborate manifestos,
i had to ask…

Did this crime actually shine a light on being an outcast?



may his victims rip.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “The Virgin Suicide”

  1. He looked like a lesbian. Maybe he shoulda transitioned and he coulda got some pussy?
    Good riddance to this self righteous asshole. Lol @ him hating women because they won’t give him none. Don’t get me started.

      1. After I paid for the ticket? Hell no.
        If I was just flipping through channels and saw it though, yeah I would have changed the channel.
        All of his videos are like audition tapes lol he watched too many of his dad’s movies. Jesus Christ.

  2. It was not everyone else’s fault that he could not get any. Him being a nerd had nothing to do with it either. I know a lot of smart people, including myself who fit in with others just fine. His ass probably was creepy lol. I know that was what it was.

    1. ^well he was bullied as well.
      it seemed he was a victim of his own circumstances.
      this is what i got from his manifesto.
      snapped and he believed the cards he was dealt.

  3. That kid was a coward. That’s why I have no problem with suicide as long as it’s one person killing themselves. I hate people that kill others and then kill themselves. Don’t ruin their life and their family and friend’s lives because you’re depressed. That’s America and the selfish world we live in tho. People are such cunts.

  4. couldn’t he just pay for it? I know he wanted a genuine connection and prostitutes don’t really provide that but at least he would have had “some.” you know kinda like get a jumpstart of the battery.

    In all seriousness, mental illness is no joke. Was his parents unaware that he was not well? Weren’t there clues? I’m sure someone had to know that this was a problem for him. Where was his help before this shit storm?

    Too many questions not enough answers.

    1. ^right.
      i also wondered why he didn’t go and get some escorts.
      i read he was in therapy for a long time.
      that manifesto was the scariest thing ive read in a long time.

    2. Thinker, some news accounts indicate that he was in therapy from age 8 so his parents apparently knew that he had psychological problems/problems of adjusting to life.

  5. I read portions of his manifesto and the idiot/crazy could have gotten pussy but he was so idiotic/crazy that he couldn’t fight his way out of a brown paper bag–pussy wise.

    1. Per his manifesto, he spent about $2000 at clips of $500 to $700 in a short period in buying lottery tickets to get rich quick and so get women due to being rich. That’s idiotic. He was surprised when he didn’t win. He could have spent that $2000 on a few prostitutes. They would have put out as long as he had the cash. And Mr. Nerd could have found plenty of prostitutes on the Internet.

    2. He recognized that women liked the jocks. But did he work out or hire a personal trainer to get muscular? No. Another lost chance for pussy.

    3. He didn’t take out women and wine and dine them. Players know that if you wine and dine women, their panties get wet sooner or later.

    4. Finally, if the wine and dine didn’t work directly, players will tell you to invite a woman to an over-night trip, say to Tahoe, Reno or Vegas or the Wine Country for the weekend. If she accepts, then she’s down for dropping them panties. If she asks about sleeping arrangements, you tell her that there will only be one bed and if she goes, then she’s down for dropping them panties. If she refuses to go, then go down your Rolodex and make the same offer to the next one!

    (By the way, all of the above work equally well with men and getting them to give the sex.)

    He had plenty of opportunity for pussy but he didn’t know how to play his cards. He was a “poor little rich boy” who didn’t appreciate the fortuity of his circumstances.

  6. Its probably good that he didn’t get an escort. He might have killed one of them because of his psychosis. I guess it just doesn’t make any sense to us. It might not ever make sense. I just hope that something good comes out of the tragedy. Perhaps we can seriously take a look at the gun control laws. I believe in the right to own your firearms but someone who is not so mentally stable is probably not the person you want in possession of one. I know its a slippery slope but something has to give.

    1. You are right. This has been said over the past few years. Gun Control issues are real. People who have a history of mental illness and who have been convicted of felonies should not be able able to get one, period.

    2. Thinker, so you “believe in the right to own your firearms”. To what extent? And on what basis? I’m all ears so, please tell me to what extent and on what basis after you read the below:

      1. Gun violence was the leading cause of death for black teens in 2008 and 2009
      2. In the USA we want freedom. Freedom to get shot in mass shootings, freedom to buy as many guns as you like and freedom to shoot who ever you like when you’re upset. We Americans believe that life begins at conception and ends at birth or until shot by someone exercising his 2nd Amendment rights! Freedom baby! That’s the American way!
      3. What were/are the justifications for the 2nd Amendment: Hunting for food 200 years ago but now there’s a Safeway/Vons/other grocery store. Self-defense/killing the Indians but now the Indians have been decimated an a gun is more likely to be used against a loved-one than in self-defense. Guns kill 32K people a year, about 12K homocide and the rest accidental deaths and suicides, primarily. The 2nd Amendment does more harm than good.
      4. And if the purpose was/is to protect from a tyrannical government, then citizens should be able to have flame throwers, rocket propelled grenades, automatic machine guns, bazookas, F-16 airplanes and all the weapons of war because the guns that citizens have legally, including semi-automatic rifles are no match for government fire-power. Are you suggesting that citizens should be able to have all the weapons of war?
      5. If you are concerned about a tyrannical government, a better–and less bloody–way to deal with that would be to have military service universal and mandatory for all citizens and to increase military training regarding lawful and unlawful orders. That would save tens of thousands of lives a year and the 2nd Amendment (which I suppose you rely upon for the “tyranny argument) can be repealed or revised!

  7. In all of these shootings over the last few decades most were white men who were privileged and felt they had this sense of entitlement where if they didn’t get what they wanted they’d go off and take lives…what makes you think you’re GOD and have the ability to take lives away simply because you can’t get laid…it’s not like he came from a life of deprivation…simply because he couldn’t get what he wanted…and that’s with men in general…men in general have this sense of masculinity where if they get denied they get angry whether it’s men trying to holler at women walking down the street, men trying to holler at other men on gay social sites and etc…so i feel if you give an man who feels as if all his options are gone, and add possible schizophrenia and etc on top of the mix, and then give him a weapon you have the recipe for a disaster…the sad part is before all this went down his parents reported him saying he was under psychological stress and needed help but the police chief simply said he was a ‘normal boy with social tension’ like it’s normal for all boys to be aggressive when they aren’t getting any. now the media whats to keep emphasizing that he was a virgin. His lack of sexual experience didn’t make him crazy.. Had this been a black man the media would have written him off as crazy because of his environment upon which he grew up. whenever it’s a white man we play patty cake with it and want to label him as someone who just fell under pressure…only in america and the shootings WILL continue because idiots don’t believe in enforcing mental psychological checks for people who buy weapons…EVERY person who buys a weapon should undergo social psychological treatment to ensure they’re responsible and not buying the weapon for the wrong reasons…Laci Green made a great video on this incident as well…

  8. I don’t think there’s anything remotely humorous about this topic.

    Obviously he was suffering from a mental illness and these videos were a cry for help.

    His fixation on status and sex were all apart of a much larger issue. What kills me is people are still trivializing and making jokes about his problems (as evidenced in these comments) and people are DEAD! Young lives cut short too soon, including his.

    What does it matter what he should’ve done to get women? He has a chemical imbalance!

    We’re going to learn to take mental illnesses seriously, especially if this economy gets worse.

    1. “What does it matter what he should’ve done to get women? ”

      It did matter Jay. Have you heard of a trigger? You have regular ordinary people who have mental issues and no one can really tell. That is because a situation has not presented itself in their lives for their issues to be exposed. His inability to attract women was a factor in this man. If he had a girlfriend, this would not have happened. The sexual tension he had within himself made his mental issues worse, and basically drove him insane. Just like alcohol and drug use are a bad combination, mental illness and rejection can cause issues when they are both mixed together. As we all know men do not handle rejection well. Woman rejects man, man gets angry, and attacks the woman and any males she might be involved with.

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