The Other Shoe Dropped (And Hit Me On My Head)

tumblr_ma54eslzub1rsua6to1_500how could something i prayed so hard for,
turn into a nightmare so fast?…
so i come into work today and my ex boss,
yes ex,
has been promoted to a higher position.
she only needs thing 2 at this point on.
what happens to me?…

well i’m now working with liar liar,
her vp,
and a couple other people within their department.
i had to move my desk over there and everything.
my boss tried to fight for me,
but she couldn’t.
it was either this or no job at all.
i nearly busted out in tears in the bathroom.
like this can’t be my life.
i’m working 8 hours with this bitch i can’t stand now.
she already tried playing me today on the low.
welp i’m wide awake now,
i need to keep on doing my job the best of my ability,
document everything that happens,
and make sure i dot “i”‘s and cross “t”s perfectly.

tumblr_n4e9upGYT01r1hjp8o2_250i got in trouble for having my phone on my desk too.
my ex boss allowed it so i didn’t know.
liar liar had her phone out tho.
oh and tomorrow is star fox’s death anniversary.
i’m already way over my head in my emotions.
i asked god for an adventure,
but i didn’t think it would manifest into this.
it was all good bout a week ago.

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29 thoughts on “The Other Shoe Dropped (And Hit Me On My Head)”

  1. Awww I’m so sorry, I know what it’s like to work around people you can’t stand. The good thing is now you know from past run ins with this chick that you have to be extra careful. Don’t worry to much god does everything for a reason you never know the blessings waiting on the other side of this. Keep working hard like you always do.

      1. Ok Jamari heres what we do. Its gonna take a bit of work and investment. You LITERALLY have to make yourself indispensable to the vp. LITERALLY. This means you stay late if you must, get her coffee, gift here and there. Follow the rules to the LETTER. You LITERALLY become irreplaceable. Ive seen it happen with my own two eyes J (can I call you that?). You have to go to work like itS YOUR company and go the extra mile or two. Do as much as u can and GIVE till it hurts. Thats the adventure (where yours begins and where liar liars ends).
        Good luck stay strong.

        1. ^thanks ricky and everyone.
          im going to take everyone’s suggestions.
          I will not like this job be taken from me so easily.
          this may just be a test for me to pass to get to another level.
          sadly it’s a challenging one with a dumb hoe.

  2. Sorry to hear that. It’s stressful to work under such conditions:
    1. As I suggested to you a while ago, continue to document your actions and the actions of others as much as practicable.
    2. Do not express any dislike of what’s going on to other people on the jobs lest you see that opinion passed on to your boss, or worse.
    3. Do your best and always have a smile on your face. Those who may be against you may resign, get fired, or leave otherwise.
    4. Calculate and consider your options for employment elsewhere.
    Good luck

    1. ^i will try that smiling thing tomorrow.
      today i was so thrown in shock that I def had an attitude.
      thanks dean.
      i will correct for future reference.

    2. I second this Dean. The ONLY thing that I would add is use this “liar liar” chic as your motivation. Maintain a positive disposition regardless of how you may actually feel. Arrive before her. Make sure that you are organized and prepped for your day. The reason why you want to get there is to say your affirmations and prayers to keep your mind clear and your eyes open. Don’t feed into negative energy about her because that will only block your goals and progress. The fact that you are still there suggests to me that you bring some added value to the organization. Focus on that J.

      You might want to get a small piece of amethyst to keep in your work station and a piece of black tourmaline to wear or keep in your pocket. Amethyst keeps peace in any environment and black tourmaline repels negativity. No one has to know about these things but you do. Just a suggestion. Use it or trash it….totally up to you. Regardless of what you do, keep doing an outstanding job and press forward! Good luck

      1. ^i am going to look for those stones ASAP.
        i really appreciate the suggestions for bringing positive energy into this situation thinker.
        thank you!

  3. As you said….As long as you stay on your “p’s & q’s” you’ll be fine. Cross those T’s and dot those I’s and document EVERYTHING that goes on with that chick. If she comes at you about your phone, check the policy and casually play it off like, oh that applies to everyone right? If not, put it on your list in the event that HR ever has to get involved. Because as long as YOU have documentation to back up what you say/do…HR will have to take a CLOSE look at the situation instead of just taking someone’s word. As much as people would like to believe that HR is there for them…overall they are their to protect the interests of the company. When employees document shit to back up their claims…that fucks them up big tyme! And the LAST thing they want is a lawsuit! LOL

    That being said…you’ll be fine dude. Don’t sweat it.

    1. ^thanks Christian.
      im realizing that emails catch this chick up like last time.
      today she lied and said she trained me on something.
      like bitch when did you train me ever???????
      thing 2 said that ima snap on her.
      i do NOT want it to escalate to that point.

  4. If you would have left she would’ve gotten what she wanted. Just put your best foot forward and don’t worry about the pettiness. She’ll get whats coming to her sooner or later. She’s just diggin herself in a deeper hole. When she falls, she’ll fall hard!

  5. Oh love I think It may be about that time to start looking for another job again;To just cover your bases and put feelers out there

    1. If you “put feelers” out there, be sure that those feelers don’t find their way back to your current employer. Some employers don’t like it when others look for work elsewhere. Cover your ass/protect your ass.

  6. Damn, you have that same fate I have with my enemies. You try to avoid them and for some odd reason you just get closer and tied to them. “Oh my god!” Damn I hate that! its good you notice strike one from liar liar. I’m sure she’s up to something and I would not sway to be friends with that conniving snake. And I’m also thinking if this is another test? If they hit you with a one two just keep it professional and ignore. She’s that one insignificant person who want control and I don’t understand that. I’ve been through this route and seen other face this circumstance to be reunited with an enemy.

    1. ^mono it’s the worst.
      i will be office polite to her,
      but I don’t trust her as far as I can throw her.
      then she gonna try to “offer me advice” on how to do something.
      yeah okay chick.

      1. So far people are giving you some great advice. Keep it professional at all times. Don’t let any of them into your personal life. But one question keeps nagging me about your work situation. Does anyone at your job know about your website? If someone does know, then you should refrain from talking about your job on the internet. It doesn’t take much for co-workers and bosses to put two and two together. Take care of yourself and always keep your back shielded.

      2. Jamari…you can always correct them, but just do it with tact. Our AVP gave us a project once, and then when HE got in trouble from the VP because it was done the wrong way (and mind you we did it just how he told us to do it)…he tried to play dumb. Everyone sitting there looking all stupid but scared to say something, so I said this was the way you told us to do it, along with the information that you gave us. All of a sudden everyone comes to life and start agreeing, yeah that’s what you told us to do. He had this look in his eye like he wanted to gut me right there. LOL
        One of the ladies said to me afterwards, oh my god I can’t believe you said that to him. I’m like huh? Wrong is wrong! I’m not taking the blame for someone else’s fuck-up. NOT GONNA HAPPEN! Man up to your mistakes and take accountability.
        He’s a short, useless fat fuck, who doesn’t know how to talk to people. VERY disliked throughout the organization.

  7. I’d hate to see what would happen if liar liar was fired and you happened to run into her on the streets. You’d let her have it… with interest.

    Find some music on Youtube and meditate. They have meditating guides. I’d probably blast some loud music in my ears and let my troubles go to the back of my mind.

    Ya know what, you need a wolf. You’d feel way better if you had someone to rant to and hold you and put you to sleep… in a gooood way. 😉

    Sorry about your friend. Hopefully he’ll visit you in a dream.

    1. I like that idea and i think that the music would help you space out and stay focus. I use it as a graphic designer

  8. “Oh no she didn’t.” Just keep your pride to yourself, I think she want you to know how it is on the other side of the tracks. I would just be an apprentice because you guy have to work together and I assume it has to be on the same course.

  9. Keep quiet, outwork and outshine the competition.

    I do it on the daily with my much older, experienced, foreign coworkers every single day and get pulled aside by managers on the regular and complimented on my work ethic.

    The strong move silently.

  10. Jamari, I’m glad you opened up about this discourse that is often not talked about. Lord knows I’ve been through that part of my life when thing were just fine till that one unfortunate turn for 6month until it gladly got better when I was assigned to work else where in my department working for the government. Every six month we bid on an area to work in and I think you may be in that same circumstance i was in.

  11. let me tell you something i went through that at my last job at a hospital out i Williamsport, PA. I was interning there and also working in the lab, when i’d first started there many of the white employees would do little things to mess with me, and many of my fellow peers who worked with me (both white and black) folded under the pressure, left the ER and left the establishment altogether however i stayed.

    The reason i stayed is because A) my mother always taught me to NEVER let anyone come between you and your livelihood. I don’t care how much they aggravate you this is a job that pays you which helps you maintain a lifestyle, whether it’s bills being paid, rent being covered, food on a table this paycheck helps maintain stability.

    B) People like that who kiss butt to the extra mile and always cause trouble with their peers don’t remain long

    C) Over time i had to professionally check *notice i said professionally* some of these same employees and they never bothered me again, and over time ALL of the trouble makers ended up being fired. Ironically this hospital initiated a new campaign to ensure better customer service after getting complaints, and the hospital was faith based so they believed in positivity and etc. So all of those bad apples were dismissed and i received invaluable training that propelled me forward to the point where i ended up on the board, with my mentor, the minority initiative board to be exact where brought in more minorities into the company. all of this happened in a little over 2years…You never know GOD maybe refinining you for a leadership role my brother

    Shirley Chisholm said it best “You don’t make progress by standing on the sidelines, whimpering and complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas.”

    Hold on, PRAY HARDER and keep the Faith and trust Liar Liar is on her way out i bet money on it sounds too much like an idiot i knew at my last job who was an uncle tom and lost her job quicker then everyone else!!!!

  12. Damn man, that’s tough. Just be cordial and polite as usual, and kill her slowly with kindness. Don’t let her get under your skin, that is just what she wants.

  13. you are so blessed!!! A few months ago you didn’t have a job, now you got one. don’t sweat the bullshit. Kill them with kindness. it never fails.

  14. Just holler out “the Blood of Jesus” next time she acts up…demons must flee! Seriously, you need to be prayed up when you walk into this place. Call on the angels to build a hedge of protection around you. Walk in faith. Pray unceasingly. Believe the best is yet to come. God’s got you!

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