Something Wicked Comes This Way (Out Fox)

tumblr_m7zzytRNJr1rzf8jto1_500so she tried to fuck with me.
she is always trying to fuck with me.
that’s nothing new.
i had to out fox her yet again.
she gon’ have to learn to give it a rest

so yesterday i had a ton of work to do.
before i started work,
i called ( x silent unity prayer line ) to pray over me for my day.
this new position has me doing my job along with liar liar.
she sends me these emails to do this and that like she is my boss.
so she decided to CC me on an email,
with my our boss and another vp,
about something that i was supposed to do.
i didn’t actually start it,
since i was doing other things for our boss,
but i had it on my schedule to do it later in the day.
this hyena actually tried to catch me up and make me look like a slacker.
a slacker for her slacker-ness.
it was actually her job to do what she sent me to do.
time to get the sword:

tumblr_lytefhNuCc1qm6oc3o1_500what she didn’t remember was the email she sent me yesterday.
the one where she said i didn’t have to do it right away,
but could i do it by the end of next week.
i made sure in my reply to forward that email,
CC’in both vps,
and reminding her of our conversation.
well “correspondence” as i worded it.
i took every comment in thursday’s entry seriously.
no response.
she actually ended up getting in trouble for giving people her work.
i didn’t hear a peep out of her for the rest of the day.
tumblr_mqopybIvhy1rjihovo1_500dumb ass.
i’m sure this won’t be the last i hear from her.
i’m always gonna be prepared for one of her bird brain schemes.

i am not going to be bullied at this job.
that will not be happening.
as long as i’m working there,
i will continue to out fox that hoe.
i wasn’t in the mood anyway because all i could think about was star fox.
it has been a year since his untimely death.
i miss him being there for me.
i could hear him now:

“aww nah see…
you gonna have to let that bitch know who jamari fox is!”

i could hear his voice go up an octave.
we would have prayed for her together and moved on.
my fights were also his.
lord knows i loved going to battle for him.
i miss him.
funny enough,
i did not hear from mr. big wolf at all yesterday.
even tho i took him out my phone,
you would have thought he would sent me a text.

“when someone shows you who they are,
believe them.
why wait for the 30th time to be convinced?” – the late maya angelou.

tumblr_n4e9upGYT01r1hjp8o2_250well fuck him,
liar liar,
and whoever else i’ve been convinced about.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Something Wicked Comes This Way (Out Fox)”

  1. God has given all of us minds and it is up to us to not lose our cool, nor our temper to deal with people who have and will always show you who they are, trust that when many call his name(GOD) he will be there, the battle is not yours, trust that you are on your way to your goal of peace,both in mind, love, and workplace peace be still.

  2. Keep checking her man. However, be prepared for her, women do not like to budge, and they definitely do not like for men to outsmart them or win.

  3. This sound like a diary of a jealous black woman. I seriously hope she not black tho because that would fucked up. I mean come on it is hard for us black people to find a job even if we have a bachelor degree or higher, it not good enough.

  4. Good for you, Jamari, keep using your head. I’m proud of you. Believe it or not, I still have to be “on point” constantly, even at this stage in my career. It’s the way it is for brothers. Because if my visibility, my M.O. is to consider myself on stage from the time I leave my house in the morning until the time I close the door behind me when I return home. I know it can be exhausting, but it is the price we pay as black men — the most envied, admired and hated species on Planet Earth. Just breathe deeply and count to 10 when stuff happens so you may maintain your cool. The pleasure is watching them stumble, and never leering them see you sweat. They constantly try to vex the President and he won’t allow them to set him off. That’s why we are here for each other.

    1. Meant to write “never allowing them” not “never leering them.” Don’t know where that came from. Oh, just saw a fine brother walk by; maybe that was a Freudian slip, lol.

  5. Well done Jamari!! You beat her at her own game…and she was the one to pay the price! LOVE IT!!
    Keep it up!!

  6. Damn this low down piece of crap must really be miserable to sit up and plot somebody else downfall. J, you got to remember that God gave most gay men a 6th sense, I dont know know what it is but we are smarter than most. This B is out for blood and you have got to set a trap for her ass, you need to hit her on an emotional level. You need to go to her boss real humble and nice and say, I just want to work with (whatever this B name is) but I am so confused by her directions, ask her boss is she over me now? Just tell them you want to get clarification because you love this job and you dont want to make a bad impression. You got be messy and go behind her back and kiss a little ass to the right people or even just hint things around the right people. Believe me, they see right thru her ratchet ass but may be afraid of her or dont have enough ammo to shoot her ass out of there. Its time to sing the old Barry White classic “Playing Your Game Baby” and beat this B at her own game.

  7. You handled that situation perfectly. Keep turning to God for peace and guidance and working hard and you will be fine. And believe me, this woman’s bosses already know she has issues.

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