Rude Zude?


“we are a mess together.”

so ya’ll know i’m a “hit the floor” fan.
took damn near 7 years for it to come back,
but i was right on board.
season 3 is already starting out good,
but am i the only one interested in this “zude” storyline?
you know i like dysfunctional shit.
they had this HOT sex scene in the closet last night.
it started out like “dis”

tumblr_o1x8bfanur1rtels1o2_540 tumblr_o1x8bfanur1rtels1o1_540 tumblr_o1x8bfanur1rtels1o4_540

jude said something about zero being the most screwed up wolf,

tumblr_o1ws2aMiaF1rcol1no1_r1_540 tumblr_o1ws2aMiaF1rcol1no2_540tumblr_o1xh2zFJNr1qmstv1o1_500zero did this:


…and then alla this happened:

zero had to tear those bunz up!!!
nothing better than “make up/i missed you” sex.
they to’ up the entire closet:


but alas,
zero is the “bisexual baller wolf” in love with his “secret”.
that happens to be the “i want you to claim me!” gay jude.
why is it always those “ships” that are the most passionate?
i hope “hit the floor” doesn’t screw up “zude”.
i’ll allow it.

lowkey: how is jude even going to get mad at zero?
he got fucked in a closet at a party.
he coulda said “no”.
he really missed that sex.
i love that zero missed jude as well.

tumblr_o1wsqk7HDQ1rtels1o1_540 tumblr_o1wsqk7HDQ1rtels1o2_540

gifs taken: tumblr

watch all episodes of hit the floor: vh1

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9 thoughts on “Rude Zude?”

  1. I love this show and the men. Jude needs to realize that Zero is not ready to be out tho, but he also needs to keep his goodies on lock so he doesn’t keep feeling like he’s getting played.

  2. I wish I seen it, but I am not interested in the show anymore. It was gone too long, and now I cannot get back into it.

  3. Can we agree that German is a ticking time bomb? But the sex scene was pretty hot tho, but I didn’t like the whole “Im wearing your underwear” shit cause that’s nasty.

  4. Hit The Floor got my ass! After that scene, when Zero got the mic, I thought he was about to come out the closet. I knew it was about to go down though, their talent at acting out that ‘tension’ is pretty good.

    I’m guilty of watching it for that relationship and Sloane, love the actress playing her.

    1. ^is it me or does zero remind me of the male jelena?
      they have a strong chemistry!
      i love when that passion makes you envious!!!
      zero is the type that if he likes you,
      you can get him to do what you want.

  5. They have so much chemistry together, that sex scene was hot 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
    I have a feeling this show is going to be like LA Complex for me where I’m only interested in the gay storyline. I’ve tried to get into it and I couldn’t until they brought up this storyline.

    P.S. Idea for next season let zero have sex with a black fox and let Jude find out, instant drama right there.

    1. ^i hope they don’t mess it up mikey!!!
      they are on a good path!!
      they need to make zero open up his layers.
      he is a deep and complex character.
      no tyler perry writing.

    2. Just the mere mention of L.A Complex gives me war flashbacks. I feel so strongly about that show.

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