Who Is Watching American Crime Story Tonight?


the “oj simpson” story is really interesting to me.
it has so many twists and turns.
the crime scene pictures still haunt me.
no one still knows the truth.
did oj kill nicole brown simpson and ron goldman?
did drug lords?
did his cub?
every year it seems there is some new suspect.
well fx is airing a limited series about it tonight,
called “american crime story: the people vs oj simpson”,
compliments of ryan murphy.
it comes on tonight at 10pm.
i’ll be tuned in.
i hope to see you there.

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Who Is Watching American Crime Story Tonight?

  1. I watched it…I thought it was good with the exception of Cuba Gooding Jr’s HORRIFIC acting. I honestly DONT think OJ did it but he knows who did.

  2. This gave me everything. It was so well done, it was a bit disturbing.

    We’ll never knew who killed Nicole, and it’s sad because it’s all the police’s fault.

    Either they let OJ get away with it by being sloppy and planting evidence, or they were suppose busy trying to frame him, that the real killer got away with it.

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