So Milan Christopher Changed His Position On Us?

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 10.03.38 PMthose bunz are made for…?
so guess what?
i was right.
i knew something was coming.
see the public doesn’t know milan christopher like the foxhole.
ever since he appeared on #lhhh,
he has been the savior for all the gays.
surprisingly he has also been the lust of many vixens.
one thing about him is he doesn’t fit “the stereotype”.
well i guess he is supposedly “bisexual” now.
i guess being cheated on turned him off.
well according to the shade room and his ig

he is dating moniece slaughter,
baby mama to lil fizz and a lowkey attentionista.

rich dollaz
milan christopher?

she posted this on her ig:

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 10.09.31 PM Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 10.08.07 PM


well the gays are out here having a fit.
they can’t imagine he could be bisexual.
the vixens?
well they are happy they can get a piece.
even though this is all coming from a rabid attentionisto,
and we definitely need a polygraph test set up,the gays need to realize that bisexuality does exist.
its funny how many gays turn back to vixens after getting played.
the problem is…
“the same sex” experience never goes away.
animals always find your way back somehow.
i remember when star fox left wolves to try vixens.
it lasted a good 2 months.
he “changed” because of the lord tho.
he even said he couldn’t speak to me anymore.

tumblr_nyh6j6j9XB1u7leb2o1_500if this is true about milan,
who knows if it will work out.
this all sounds like a future story line for the reality show.
what do i know?

lowkey: this was serious to get a tatt.

pictures taken: milan | the shade room | moniece

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

28 thoughts on “So Milan Christopher Changed His Position On Us?”

  1. Jesus Christ! This is literally something out of the twilight zone. I thought the sister wives on the New York series were bad, but this is unbelievable. I will not be watching, nope. Moniece changes men just as much as I change my draws. The gay story-line did get me last season, but this does not have my interest.

  2. WOW so Star Fox was delivert for 2 months ,I didn’t know that.I have a couple of female friends who got fed up with cheating men and tried women.The DICK called them back.As for Milan based on his sex tape the DICK will call him back as well.I know he is heartbroken after breaking up with Miles but he is going to learn women come with our on set of issues.Especially Moniece with her baby daddy drama and her quick temper

  3. J,the tattoo is from his relationship with Miles.They were together two and a half years.He is saying now he doesn’t have to get it removed because she shares the same initial.

  4. I know bisexuality exist but there is a fine line between gays and bisexual men, and Milan is definitely not a bisexual man. But obviously this is a new story line for Love and Hip Hop because everything about the show is fake and pretty convenient because come on. Moniece, really? Just like when she was with Rich D and they had no chemistry.

    1. Milan did an interview,he won’t be on LHHH.He claims he has another reality show focused around him It must be on the web because I don’t know a network who would carry the show.He already threw LHHH under the bus by claiming the Miles story was fake and the producers knew

      @Lindo have you seen the trailer for “About Him”,posted an hour ago

      1. Well you see, you just proven he’s not bisexual and doing this as a publicity stunt just like Amber Rose and Blac Chyna. I know Hollywood is fake as fuck, but damn it’s literally fake as fuck. Just plastic bodies and plastic personalities.

        I haven’t seen the “About Him” trailer, but I am definitely going to check it out now

    1. He blocked me last year when I asked for proof his ex boyfriend Miles lied about being in the closet.He has blocked hundreds of people who challenge him.

  5. Some of these dumb women are eating this fake shit up thinking they have can get with he now. He is still gay and he still like the dick in the butt

  6. Good for him. Sexuality is fluid and I think we Gay men need to understand and get that. Quit trying to make, and keep everyone in one category and realize that there are at least 4 letter to describe out community. LGBT Some of us have never tried pussy. I think all should try it, but I also think all straight men should try dick/ass as well. Don’t know til ya try it.

    1. No, you’re just bisexual. Most gay people don’t have that luxury, not with constant prayer or forcing themselves into Hetero relationships. Sexually fluid (bisexual or pansexual) people by nature can’t speak for the fully gay male and dictate their experiences.

  7. I need all the gays that were championing him for being such a good representation for the LGBT community to line up so I can dab on each and every one of you.

    He’s only reinforcing the idea being gay is indeed a choice.

    Gays look up to anyone as long as they look good.

    1. He is gay before he got on lahh he is best friends with a lot of gay porn stars. He was a male model he fuck a lot of men. This is fake on his IG just like pics of naked dudes after he post this

    2. He is saying he is still attractive to men he wants to see what’s it’s like with a woman since he has never had a relationship with a woman.How is that different from all the gay men who claim they can turn out a straight man.So it’s OK for a straight men to “experiment” with a man ,to be bicurious? But it’s not OK for a gay men to be bicurious and see what’s it’s like to be a woman.

      Jussie Smollett just did an interview with Out magazine where he said he is a gay man but if he ever fell in love with a woman he would be open to it.So any gay man who doesn’t say he could never be with a woman is a a poor representation of the LGBT community? Last time I checked Bisexuals were part of LGBT community.
      Good night

      1. Ricky Martin said open to have sex women but ask If he want to date a women he said nope men are my thing so all of that is fake it to get dumb women to buy thier stuff and albums and watch thier tv show.

      2. I’m not reading all that because all it screams to me is “it’s a choice” which is what a lot of people argue anyway. He didn’t portray himself as bisexual when he first appeared on the show so miss me with that.

        The fact that this is all for attention makes him and anyone who capes for him after he blocked you pathetic.

    3. I was thinking the same thing. He was all up on TV shows crying about being born gay & not being accepted for it and then he goes around and does this. For someone who claims to be a “pioneer” in this whole thing (even though he clearly is not), he sure isn’t setting a good example nor is he making himself look good. He indeed is reinforcing that stereotype of homosexuality being a choice & that’s what irked me the most about his whole outburst.

  8. *rolls eyes*
    I don’t care who he “falls in love with” but I feel like this is just his storyline for next season. People will sell their soul for a reality tv check and Mona Scott Young is the devil.

  9. Um…maybe I’m stupid but this bitch is no bi-sexual. He is looking for the same pipe as Moniece. Maybe she is zooming his ass! If walls could F**king talk. YAWN…next!!

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