Tank Said You Can Put His Legs in The Air

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 10.45.27 PMno.
this is not tank’s impersonation of him sledding.
this is actually tank,
on power105.1 breakfast club,
letting the world know he will let you put his legs in the air.
tank likes his booty eaten like groceries and has no fucks to give.
this is what he told power 105.1 @ 15:28 today…

i’m shocked he was so…
i’ll just leave this here:


i cracked up at charlemagne getting so turnt.
he was happy someone else could cosign getting the bunz eaten.
listen a lot of the straight wolves are:

head back
legs up
high pitched moaning in pure ecstasy

c668b65065d5b37808a1ca5fa5f0e4b5our g spots were cleverly put between our cheeks.
thanks god?
so i won’t judge if a straight wolf wants to try something new.
i love my bunz eaten,
so i’ll allow anyone else who does as well.

lowkey: it’s funny how grocery eating is going mainstream.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

25 thoughts on “Tank Said You Can Put His Legs in The Air”

  1. Man, reeaally!? Lol Okay…say what you want but we all know the real deal…lol Those of you who know that you know that you know….listen to his conversation and read as OUR language in between the lines…I see you Mr. Tank…lol Wife, kid..yeh yeh…spittin’ knowledge on the hetero game like a pro when you KNOW it was THIS game that reeaally took u to school! Check out the giggle and unspoken body language between him and ole boi….not flirtin’..just saluting… smoooth tho. ..makes me chuckle. Im not venting or complaining ..just acknowledging. Tank is the man.

  2. What is it with these trends. Anal sex & ass eating was considered gay by the straights & now you have straight men announcing they liked to have their asses licked with their legs in the air and dont even get me started on pegging.

    Someone mentioned straight men feeling repressed about such habits….they should. Most of them feel two men shouldnt be doing it but its okay if a woman does it.

    Thats probably why you see a lot of those married/commited straight dudes with some trannies. They be gettin ate down and bottoming like super power bottoms…All that homophobe logic flys right out the door..

    😕😕😐😕 They want the real D.

    I mean I know some females dont mind but I know a few women that are not into all that & would never stick their tongue near those musty booties..

  3. Makes me wonder, why do men walk with their pant down showing their underwear. I’m sure these ladies be eating those asses like there’s no tomorrow. I wonder if he would tried being fisted and I’ve done it to a straight kat ,and man there’s so much internal space in the ass!

  4. I agree with JAY on this one. I know we try so hard not to put people in a box. And I never thought much about this subject until I heard of a straight couple engaging in anal play and the man said he was afraid to ask his wife to do him next as in he wanted her to fuck him in the ass with a dildo. He wanted to experience this after she tossed his salad and he saw how much she enjoyed having dildos and whatever else up her ass.

    Sorry but a man yearning to get fucked in his ass is one step away from what WE(gays/bis) want. What’s to stop a man from getting so into that that he’s finally like “ya know, i wonder what a real penis would feel like in there.” We all know toys never equal to the real thing. These men into ass play are pretty much being turned out. Not that I’m complaining. I just don’t like hearing excuse after excuse of how doing this and that doesn’t mean you’re gay. We have men getting fucked by men and/or fucking men on the regular calling themselves gay for pay.

    Jamari even said in a past entry and this applies to all of us who aren’t trans. We do not want to be women, but we want to be fucked like one.

    What’s gonna be the excuses when snowballing becomes popular among straight men?

  5. I wish gay men would stop reinforcing that if someone likes their ass licked that they will be gay. That is ridiculous and not accurate. This only allows straight men to be further in the closet with their emotions and what gives them pleasure behind closed doors. The constant scrutiny of what is acceptable for straight men is not right. Every man is not the example because you happened to meet a couple off the internet.

    1. I agree .I also wish some gay men would stop with this myth that any man “will ride the D given the right person or situation” simply because they like their ass licked.

    2. There is nothing a same gender loving man can do to keep a straight man repressed about his sexual desires. Especially if he’s not doing what he likes with other men.

    1. Well he used to be up in 24 Hour fitness in Noho in the stream room towel dropped and stream running down them cakes……So.somebody has had some bites…….Love LeRoy thou

    2. He used to be at my gym ass out in the sauna sooo…..Good practice I’m sure…..He and T.O. and TErry C lawrd cakes……

  6. Sorry getting your ass ate, whether you’re straight or gay, means you’ll probably ride the D given the right person or situation.

    I’ve made my tongue vibrate on many asses that claimed “no utensils”.

    1. So it’s OK for a straight man to ride the D ,given the right person or situation, but you have a problem with a gay men experimenting with a woman given the right person and/ or situation
      Turning out a straight man- Good
      A gay man being curious about being with a woman -Bad

      1. Did you not read straight or gay? Where did I say it’s good or bad?

        I said it’s a slippery slope.

        Move around now.

      2. You can’t claim it’s OK for a straight man to take a D in one post and then said it’s not OK for a gay man to get with a woman in another.I don’t “cape”for Milan but I damn sure cape for equality.If a gay man experimenting is with a woman is unacceptable than “turning out” straight men is unacceptable.Sexual orientation may not be a choice but sexual behavior is.Milan may be a poor representation for the LGBT community because of his petty behavior but not because he is curious about being with a woman.Many gay men have been with a woman to see what’s it’s like and most have realized its not for them.

    1. Tank USED to be sexy to me. but he’s fallen off. It’s interesting that he is so open about liking his “spot” being serviced by his partner.
      Charlamagne…can’t stand that fucker.

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