Tank Said You Can Put His Legs in The Air

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 10.45.27 PMno.
this is not tank’s impersonation of him sledding.
this is actually tank,
on power105.1 breakfast club,
letting the world know he will let you put his legs in the air.
tank likes his booty eaten like groceries and has no fucks to give.
this is what he told power 105.1 @ 15:28 today…
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Charlamagne Is A Top. He Said It. I’m Not Kidding.

lolchcharlamagne talks shit.
if you know him from wendy and tbc,
you know how he says whatever.

ya know if he was gay,
i couldn’t see him be a fox tho.
so he was right on his assumption.
lil duval however was grossed out by statement:

lowkey: it’s funny when the straights use our terminology.
ive heard plenty of straight wolves say they would only be a top “if” they were gay.