Charlamagne Is A Top. He Said It. I’m Not Kidding.

lolchcharlamagne talks shit.
if you know him from wendy and tbc,
you know how he says whatever.

ya know if he was gay,
i couldn’t see him be a fox tho.
so he was right on his assumption.
lil duval however was grossed out by statement:

lowkey: it’s funny when the straights use our terminology.
ive heard plenty of straight wolves say they would only be a top “if” they were gay.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Charlamagne Is A Top. He Said It. I’m Not Kidding.”

  1. There is a fine straight wolf at my job like Charlamagne. He’ll take 5 minutes and tell me every single nasty detail about how he smashed a vixen. But then he’ll take our entire lunch break asking about me. He’ll ask me did I hook up with a guy, did I top/bottom, did it hurt the first time I bottomed. And the gayest shit he ever said was “If I was into dudes, I think you would be my type.” Ugh. Dealing with homophobic assholes would be so much easier than dealing with cool ass straight dudes who say the most suspect things.

  2. I remember I was around some of my friends and they had the discussion about “if your son was gay would you accept him or be okay with it.”They don’t know I’m gay but one said he would be fine with it as long as he doesn’t bring his boyfriend to family gatherings.Another one said as long as he was the one who fucked the other guy in the ass and not the who took it in the ass.I guess they think being the top means still being the man.

    I agree with Rain, I think Charla gets down.He seems to be the type that would only let a dude blow him but knowing what bottom and top means is kind of suspect to me.I don’t want to admit this but I had no clue what bottom or top for a while.I’m ashamed to say that I thought it meant literally one person being on the bottom and one being on top, like in missionary position.When dudes would ask me what position I like, I’d say bottom because I liked being on the bottom not because I like it up the ass.I’m verse btw.What made me decide to look up what it meant was a Tiger Tyson video.He said in an interview that he only tops but I seen a video of him getting ride by some dude and my dumb ass was like “Wait a minute, he said he likes being on top only.”I finally looked it up and saw top=fucks asshole, bottom=get’s asshole fucked.

    I felt very stupid afterward but I was pretty young.

  3. a lot of dudes think they are still straight if they bang a dude or get head. charla comes off like he would bang a dude but will go right home to his fiancé.

  4. I don’t get that vibe from him. He DID work with Wendy WIlliams, who was the “queen” of trying to out celebs, so I am not shocked that he is familiar with the terminology. And besides…he is IN the industry.

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