when the straight males argue who’d be a power top if they were gay

some straight males love gay roles without being gay.
what a time to be alive?
i feel like every straight male who imagines being gay

… is always saying they’d be power wolves (tops)


even the straight males get into the fox shaming too.
it’s a “badge of honor” to be a top and we don’t even have much of em.

this is where i welcome more straight males to volunteer for top activities.

i know a few straights irl that i’d like to power top my foxy ass.
on caresha aka yung miami from city girl’s podcast,
she was lowkey flirting with megan the stallion.

i admire how vixens can do this without judgment.
on the breakfast club,
 charla and dj envy argued about who would top each other…

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Charlamagne Is A Top. He Said It. I’m Not Kidding.

lolchcharlamagne talks shit.
if you know him from wendy and tbc,
you know how he says whatever.

ya know if he was gay,
i couldn’t see him be a fox tho.
so he was right on his assumption.
lil duval however was grossed out by statement:

lowkey: it’s funny when the straights use our terminology.
ive heard plenty of straight wolves say they would only be a top “if” they were gay.