The Straights Kill Me (Wow)

tumblr_m5i1yqdRe01ryu1fxo1_500this is why i thank god we can’t have kids.
i couldn’t deal.
so i was talking to one of the f-bi last night and they were filling me in on a wolf i’ve featured.
i would have said “an attention whore”,
but you know that gets folks all riled up.
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So This Is What The Straights Do When They Home Alone?

tumblr_mteg9iApR61s4s8xpo1_500how romaticalz!
nothing says a saturday night like
red box,
razor blades,
and rim jobs well into sunday morning.
good times.
awww i’d like to shave my wolf’s booty like dis!
well nair is better.
i hope he let her eat it after.

lowkey: i know a 110% straight wolf whose wife use to “nair” him.
he actually taught me how to use nair.
don’t look at me like that.
anyway he said the nair can go between ya ass crack,
but make sure it’s not by ya hole or balls.
#nojudgment from me.
they was into some freaky shit tho.

just how i like em.



angry mob“he is the devil!”
“he’s kicking but we will pull him out the closet!”
“torch his reputation in flames!”
“find murder kill!”
“find murder kill!”

yesterday was an all out witch (or dick) hunt
it was lead by two queens.
intentions: doing something “good” for the world.
translation: 15 minutes of easy fame.
bimbo was in the new york times.
i’m still asking myself what is peanut achieving with his?
the villagers were at an all out search to find evidence on two big names in the industry’s sexuality.
the main comments i saw all across the board were:

“good i hate d.l men”
“now they won’t give anyone aids!”
“ha ha ha come out come out wherever you are!”

…and tho there are some risky type characters out there,
is every d/l man a bad one?
should they all be pulled out the closet for the world to see?
and when they do, what exactly happens next?
what if they commit suicide or go on a random killing spree?
target: bitches who were laughing at me.
then what?
i had to ask in the world of straight paranoid vixens…

Should every d/l man be pulled out his closet?


Charlamagne Is A Top. He Said It. I’m Not Kidding.

lolchcharlamagne talks shit.
if you know him from wendy and tbc,
you know how he says whatever.

ya know if he was gay,
i couldn’t see him be a fox tho.
so he was right on his assumption.
lil duval however was grossed out by statement:

lowkey: it’s funny when the straights use our terminology.
ive heard plenty of straight wolves say they would only be a top “if” they were gay.