The Straights Kill Me (Wow)

tumblr_m5i1yqdRe01ryu1fxo1_500this is why i thank god we can’t have kids.
i couldn’t deal.
so i was talking to one of the f-bi last night and they were filling me in on a wolf i’ve featured.
i would have said “an attention whore”,
but you know that gets folks all riled up.

they were telling me how the wolf met this vixen like three or so months ago.
they both would be OD’n on instagram.
he would making videos talking about people were hating on his relationship,
posting pictures of her all over,
bragging about how he fucks her,
claiming he was losing followers now that he has found “love”…
tumblr_lilttuTp0v1qef76ro1_500well suddenly everything stopped last week.
all pictures of her were down.
she also removed his pictures from her side of town as well.
you know how the story goes.
well they are back together again,
but not without a surprise.
she is pregnant with his kid.
i also see she has a kid already.
the straights love doing this,
don’t they?
getting some random pregnant they met like 2 hours ago.
what happened to getting to know someone first?
bringing a child in this world with a random is so tricky.
what if it doesn’t work?
what if she turns out to be a spiteful bitch?
what if he turns out to be a deadbeat?
you know how the story goes.
i don’t do “child support”.
i like my gwop where i can see it.
my closet or in my hands.
shit don’t even judge tho.
if the gays could have kidsib0sRU0S3cyNY4…i’d shudder at how ratchet they would have been conceived.

4 thoughts on “The Straights Kill Me (Wow)

  1. I believe that you should only sleep with someone who you think would make a great parent because you never know what might go wrong. If you’re not going to be a couple then you at least want to make sure the other person is someone you want to deal with for the rest of your life. Once kids are in the picture, you’re bonded forever.

    That only applies to straights tho…

      1. ^Agree also! I just can’t understand how people end up having kids with someone they don’t know! You can’t get to know a person in just a few months. It takes YEARS, and even then you truly may not know the person! Learned that the hard way! LOL

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