Colin Kaepernick Stars In “A Thot To Remember”

COLINKmy poor colin.
my poor poor simple colin.
i’m sure he is trying to forget his situation of “when a thot calls” last year.

this issue colin is having with his thot pocket i’m sure has left a bad taste in his mouth.
according to cbs sports,
so has the 49ers

The 49ers have decided to call a timeout on extension talks with quarterback Colin Kaepernick. According to, the team has decided to put contract negotiations on hold while Miami police investigate an incident that Kaepernick was involved in on April 1.

CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora doesn’t believe the incident will affect Kaepernick’s asking price. La Canfora expects the quarterback to still be seeking about $20 million a year.

From La Canfora:

Kaepernick believes he belongs in the class of $20M-per-season quarterbacks. And nothing has changed that, certainly not the “incident report” and murky allegations against him recently. Kaepernick has been charged with nothing, police eventually were in that apartment on the night in question to restrain the female and forcibly remove her from the suite, according to sources. Kaepernick did not invite her to the room and, from what I am hearing, Kaepernick was not even in that hotel for most of the night in question.

The two sides originally began negotiations in February and talks were believed to have started off well. However, according to, the two sides had recently been pretty far apart on numbers.

giphyhopefully this will halt production of “colin the thot slayer” on location.
location being instagram.
lets hope this sends a message to other baller wolves online.
yeah probably not.

article sound: cbs sports

7 thoughts on “Colin Kaepernick Stars In “A Thot To Remember”

  1. this man does nothing for me…i just dont know….like what color is his skin? he’s…… huh? whatevs

    1. ^@Rickey…in some pics he looks so damn good and in others he’s just the one above! Does nada for me

  2. Hmmmm I like Colin but clearly he has RATCHET friends and ways. I think he us around these so called “boys” to be cool but clearly he is not that type of guy. Look at him….he is not a hoodlum. He knows better. Sad that his name is called up in ratchet business. Guess he learned his lesson. Colin be yourself. Be who you are. You are NOT A THUG…or a wanna be tough guy. Stay in your class. If u hang around niggas you get what niggas get…SHIT. Ask that other A hole Justin Beiber!

  3. Honestly, I do not feel bad for him. We all know Colin is a straight up hoe, plain and simple.

    1. I don’t feel bad for him either, but think about it…up until he became the starting quarterback for SF, the ladies weren’t throwing the ass at him. Soon as his cute ass hit the spotlight and big time…ass was all in his face. He didn’t know how to act! All he wanted was to hit it and quit it as soon as he could. Remember, once he became “hot” he dumped the longtime girlfriend…who wasn’t bad looking at all!
      Bet he wishes he stayed with her ass now! LOL

  4. He actually looks somewhat attractive in that pic up there.

    I love all the thot puns. Especially “thot pocket.”

    He probably doesn’t care about that case because that chick was probably the fifth one they ran a train on that week. He probably got used to looking at them as yesterdays trash.

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