tumblr_md2patgpaa1qld217o1_1280have you noticed something different about me?
well yes my layout is different.
that’s not it tho…


(N): the strong feeling of pleasure and well being.

everyone has that moment in life where they feel happiness resonating within.
it comes during those moments when things are going your way.
remember how you felt when you started a new job?
 paid off all your bills?
 first day of college?
liking someone and them liking you back?
your first intense orgasm where your legs were shaking?
oh yeah.
you remember that feeling?
it felt like your whole body was vibrating.
it felt like nothing could go wrong and even if it did,
so fuckin what?
you WOULD handle it and not fall off your high flying disk.
people around you noticed it.
hell i saw it with the comments you left.
well you were “glowing”.
that fire inside was lit at that very moment.
well this season i’m working on with my life.
i’m finding that happiness again.
i want you to find your fire again as well.
i want you to glow.
the foxhole doesn’t let things get us down.
not within that vibration.
oooohhhh nooooooooo.
we truly and sincerely have no fucks to give.
this season is all about: US.

OUR happiness
OUR pleasure
OUR success stories
OUR testimonies
OUR retributions

allow me to activate your glow as i am working on mine.
let’s shine together and show the world:

we are not to be fucked with.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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