Niggas Will Have You Out Here Doing Dumb Shit

tumblr_static_deletei’m going to be dropping the “n” word in this entry.
if you get easily insulted by the “n” word,
then this won’t be for you.
i don’t need a lecture or scolding.
i don’t care and you’ll get over it.
that’s my disclaimer.
starts now…

i know niggas.
i know A LOT of niggas.
niggas can be black,
puerto rican,
and asian dem.
vixens as well.
when i was a teenager,
i’m sure i was a nigga myself.
i did a lot of nigga like things.
living in new yawk,
you learn how niggas operate.
you know when you are being bullshitted.
you figure out how and why niggas what they do.
everything out here is a hustle.
hell any hood you learn the hustles.
being from the hood teaches you that hustle.
i can smell a nigga a mile away.
it usually smells like ratchet and confusion.

i deleted dominican wolf out my phone.
he is a nigga.
he won’t be my nigga and quite honestly,
i’m not upset by it.
i’m glad he showed me he was a nigga.
he was only nice to me because he wanted something from me.
“join my team in this pyramid scheme”.
check me out rhyming and shit.
like not one contract or documentation presented in that meeting.
once i didn’t join,
and he knew i wasn’t gonna budge up off my money,
he was done with me.
all the texts and emojis to see how i am ended.
hell i sent this nigga a text friday to see how he was.
no response.
he read it tho.
well shit nigga!
it was s’all good bout a week ago.
what “had” happened bro?

eleven_wellwell whateva.
fuck that nigga goodbye!

you gotta understand something.
niggas get excited over shit like this.
these “get rich quick” hood schemes.
they ready to sign their soul away after being ear hustled.
i see a lot of these “success” stories online from other niggas.
it’s obviously working because they getting likes and follows.
where it counts right?
bragging about their come ups.
all while making others feel small like they missing out on something.
niggas want you to think they are some official nigga.
the most successful-est nigga out the barrel.

tumblr_inline_mu0c2axuFa1r95g4gwhat some niggas fail to realize is they have to put in work with these schemes.
they have to smooth talk some dumb ass into their operations.
they don’t know how to be genuine.
they don’t give a fuck about you.
they just want to “get out the hood”.
“lets get this money!”
…and other foolishness.
it’s not as exciting when people ain’t with it tho.
the scheme then turns into a dead end job with no benefits.
so they dip out after spending their money on some bullshat.
what happens to everything you invested after listening to some nigga?
uh huh.
thats niggas for ya!
i’m not a nigga tho.
i’m jamari fox.

16 thoughts on “Niggas Will Have You Out Here Doing Dumb Shit

  1. I have another word for these “niggas”. I call them RATS. That word really applies to all race. A rat is always scheming, dealing, stealing, hustling, hiding, showing up at unwanted places. Rats are everywhere but when you see one your blood boils and you want to stomp them out. So niggas, rats they are all the same. Once a rat, always a rat. When you see them ,SWAT em!

  2. I’m just trying to get back on track because i think i might have missed a post.

    The dominican guy, he was the security guard who invited you over one time but you couldn’t make it because you were sick? Or is this another wolf that tried to con you?

    I hope its not the security guard guy because I kinda liked him and I was hoping he didn’t turn out to be fake.

      1. Lol. Always that one cousin who missed the whole damn party cause they were upstairs asleep.

      2. Thanks, its just that I love reading your site. It’s like a good hardcover and I got lost just for a sec trying to recall who.

        It’s a damn shame though. But all mess needs to go through the disposal, The garbage is too high a standard for this kind of guy.

  3. Damn, you went in. You all have to stop allowing Wolves to come into your lives and screw with your heads. You have to be the ones in control. This is why I have said repeatedly that people cannot take a few acts of kindness as someone wanting to be their friend or having a sexual interest in them. People have ulterior motives. The devil can smile in your face and stab you in your back at the same time.

  4. Please preach, why put in that “hard work” into a pyramid scheme and not put real work into a stable job. The Champagne life doesn’t come easy and people are always trying to find shortcuts to get to it.

  5. I used to be attracted to niggas but give them some time to open up and they ass will tell things that will have u wondering to yourself…”nigga what?” At any rate I guess that’s life! Good for you J for not falling for bullshit! These niggas can act just like “bitches” when things don’t go their way. Ignoring texts and calls, blocking u online n shyt all the while I’m thinking…”you think you’re hurting me because I was smart enough to define what a nigga you are?” Boi stop!!!

  6. Niggas like roaches. Spray and get rid of one type, and down the line a new type pops up. You have to be the exterminator to these niggas in this life, or they will keep popping up and wrecking shit.

  7. You should submit this somewhere as a poem. Title it “niggas”. Don’t worry about Dominican wolf he’ll get his. We’ve all met them, flirting with you, teasing you so they can get what they want from you(usually not sex). I am glad you stood by your decision, those schemes are no bueno! I know two sistas who got ripped off by them. Don’t fuck with him no more. Fuck him.

    1. ^thanks run.
      at least with make up or sex toy hustle,
      you both get mutual benefits out of it.
      this other shit is for the… niggas?

  8. I know what you mean this Puerto Rican nigga I used to talk to is a joke.
    It probably a good thing we stop talking because he was a webcam model and he goes to the hospital a lot! Maybe he’s HIV positive?

      1. idk.
        i just wanted to say something because that jerk still makes me disappointed even after I deleted and took him out of my contact list.

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