Everyone Meet Your New Prom King, Don Jones II

we are about to talk about ^this snack in a second.
i love when i hear about folks giving back.
nothing gets me off like compassion.
baller wolf and super snack,
don jones II of the 49ers,
did something that warmed my heart (amongst other things).
he went back to his home state and town of alabama to take a young special needs cub to her prom.
heart eyes emoji?

these are the pictures via facebook
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Colin Kaepernick’s Socks Matched His Wokeness

8-5_zps616a3dd4colin kaepernick is not playing this season.
oh he’ll still be playing football for the 49ers.
he just ain’t playing with the snow jackals,
especially the ones in blue.
colin’s new era,
is off to a good start.
he was at practice and wore these socks
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Colin Kaepernick Doesn’t Care About White Tears

2016-08-29t22-48-02-333z--1280x720.nbcnews-ux-1080-600this hair colin…
well baller wolf for the 49ers,
colin kaepernick,
is super woke.

as you know,
he has faced a ton of criticism for not standing during the national anthem.
colin can’t rock with all drama going on in this country,
especially with “us”.
well he had a lot to say during a “q&a” in the locker room.
he went completely in for 18 good minutes via ktvu
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Reggie Bush Is What You Call “Platinum Peen”

tumblr_mbufwaUqah1qi0b8uo1_1280i still get chills when i think about ( x t mobile commercial ).
so reggie bush has been traded to the 49ers.
he joins colin kaepernick and vernon davis next season.
tmz sports caught up with him to ask his thoughts and well…
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Colin Kaepernick Stars In “A Thot To Remember”

COLINKmy poor colin.
my poor poor simple colin.
i’m sure he is trying to forget his situation of “when a thot calls” last year.

this issue colin is having with his thot pocket i’m sure has left a bad taste in his mouth.
according to cbs sports,
so has the 49ers
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Don’t Grab On Vernon Davis Meat When Trying To Tackle Him

tumblr_mx7gtqNyCA1qcmeevo1_500we all know baller wolves play dirty on the field.
well t.j mcdonald of the rams had a…
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