Reggie Bush Is What You Call “Platinum Peen”

tumblr_mbufwaUqah1qi0b8uo1_1280i still get chills when i think about ( x t mobile commercial ).
so reggie bush has been traded to the 49ers.
he joins colin kaepernick and vernon davis next season.
tmz sports caught up with him to ask his thoughts and well…

look at his chest.
look at his arms.
look at his arch.
tumblr_njs9vmG1T31u3a772o5_250i can’t.
i simply can’t.
congrats on the trade reggie!

lowkey: beautiful baby girl.
pretty wife.
no crazy family trying to throw him on tv.
kim lost.

video taken: tmz sports

9 thoughts on “Reggie Bush Is What You Call “Platinum Peen”

  1. I LOVE a man with a STRONG arch in their back can you imagine how that ass look though lol…he looks like he’s packin in the front and back…DAMN YOU KIM K lol she needs to write a book or something on how she was pulling all this sexy chocolate here

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