“oh hi everyone! let me introduce you to my fine ass husband!”

this is a challenge i can get with.
if my partner has a nice bawdy,
as private as i am,
i might take a video/picture of:

Trying to balance a Funko Pop on his bicep
Washing clothes on his abs

you won’t see his face,
but you’ll see a bawdy part or two.
gabrielle union and drew sidora might be trying to do a new challenge with their husbands,
dwyane wade and ralph pittman

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the muscle torso that led black twitter to a cheater

i’ve been sayin’ and fontin‘:

Nothing beats Black Twitter

folks on there will solve any mystery for the fun of it.
folks should know in this social media age,
cheating is not option.
if your shit goes viral,
all hell will break loose.
so this pic was posted:

sidebar: look at that damn chest.
this vixen:

…by the name of @KenyDaNinja claims that was her current wolf’s bawdy.
she was headed to the bahamas with him and wanted receipts.
he claimed that it was an old pic,
but black twitter got on the hunt.
well survey said…

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Cruella De Jenner: In The Flesh

you know what often catches me by surprise?
when someone you least expect has BAWDY under their clothes.
don’t sleep on the slim ones.
some of them are real toned under these outfits.
i don’t check for cruella de jenner aka kris jenner all like that,
but when someone sent me this pic of her in a bikini today…
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Omarion Wants Your “Lust” Back

are we still into omarion aka o-cakes?
ever since he got rid of the bakery,
and did that stint on “lhhh”,
he hasn’t been on my “top 5”.
well he is trying to make a foxhole comeback.
this time,
he wants us to concentrate on his bawdy now.
it looks like he is summer ready
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Dolvett Quince Gets Some “Tease Us Good” Pipe Leakage

you know when was the point i was “making it” as a blogger?
when the f-bi was sending me in exclusive content.


i’ve gotten a lot of exclusives throughout the years,
but if i’m requested not to post,
then i’ll respect the wishes of the f-bi.
you gotta build trust with those who provide you information.
i think legit trainer wolf,
dolvett quince,
is fine af.
you should know by all the past entries about him.
a vix-bi,
who sent me in some exclusives today,
sent me dolvett in his semi natural fur…
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Victor Cruz Has More Pipe Leakage On The Way?

i love baller wolf for the ny giants,
victor cruz,
and his latino bawdy.
he is not too muscular or thick.
his bawdy looks good in clothes and he fills out in the right places.
well slapmyfatty is at it again.
it seems he has a “victor cruz part 2” file.
( x remember the first )
this is the teaser shot that slapyfatty released…
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