tumblr_static_tumblr_static_tumblr_static_skulli can’t speak about hiv awareness enough in the foxhole.
i want you all to be safe out there.
well an f-bi sent me the following videos on “wemakethechange”.
it is the many faces of people with hiv.
take a moment to check them out…

very deep.
you can check out all the videos:

x wemakethechange

Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “FACES OF DEATH”

    1. Which is more profitable for pharmaceutical companies and the healthcare industry, a cure or vaccination for HIV and AIDS or keeping people on several different medications for the rest of their lives while it keeps spreading?

      Just something to think about.

  1. Getting tested was the most scariest shit I ever been through and waiting for the result was torturing. But I thank God I came out negative, but I feel for those people tho.

  2. I often wonder what percentage of the people engaging in raw sex on xtube, pornhub,etc are HIV positive.Especially the people who meet up on grindr, craigslist,etc the men and the women.

  3. Education is key! I was tested back in November and the guy asked me questions about my sex life, The test was done and I am HIV negative. he said whatever you are doing continue to do it. I think my reason for being here is that GOD is keeping me safe from it and the mind set that I use. I had friends who died from AIDS and one was my best friend. He did not tell me at all. That really hurt me and bother also. I guess he might have thought I would tell others.

  4. I’ve had 3 friend die from AIDS and a possible 4th one I was just to scared to ask his mother. One of the friends I just found him on FB but too late after trying to reach out to him via an associate who was being shady with the info to reach him. It hurt that I didn’t have a chance to talk to him before he passed and he was younger than me…. man that hurts still

  5. I know a young lady who died in 2011 from it, it was rumored that her baby father was a drug user and contracted the disease that way…I guess he was a carrier because she passed away yet he’s still alive..R.I.P. Rashawn… i believe there’s a cure and i bet it’s being sold for the highest bidder…we have too many technological advances in both the fields of Medicine and Science not to have a cure by now…but the pharmaceutical is a billion dollar earning business…Everyone get tested annually whether you’re sexually active or not because diseases lie dormant in the body sometimes for years and stay safe whether str8 gay or bi…HIV DOESN’T discriminate….

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