Don’t Use “F*ck” and “Trey Songz” in the Same Sentence

tumblr_nl0qxuwm9q1tsri4qo1_500…because he will send his goons after you.
i’m serious.
travis scott and young thug learned how trey songz do!
travis scott made the mistake of allegedly saying:


…at a recent concert in virginia.
the same state trey is from.
well this is what happened outside their tour bus

tumblr_inline_njsgwczp411qa36spwho knew trey songz had goons?
speaking of tours,
trey songz brought the bakery on his joint tour with chris brown:

i’m feeling hungry for cake all a sudden.

lowkey: one of my home vixens met him recently.
she said he look and smells like “sex” in person.
tumblr_mjdccsYCeD1qbskx5o1_500i’m just sayin…

*main picture credited to owner

Author: jamari fox

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4 thoughts on “Don’t Use “F*ck” and “Trey Songz” in the Same Sentence”

  1. somebody got that gym, READY album body back lol…he’s definitely a bttm advertising that ass all the time lol i don’t see how guys think that’s cute or masculine saggin is so nasty like boy pull your pants up lol

  2. I’ve seen Trey everytime he’s come to my city and he looks even better in person. smh. I just need one shot.

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