Nelly Scores Another Hit

Nelly-sexy-shirtless-Instagram-9so the last hit nelly had was in 2012.
oh wait…
we aren’t talking about music this time.
i think the last was time was “grillz”?
or was it “hot n hurr”?
i don’t even remember.
i think i paid attention to him musically when he debuted his jail bawdy.

nelly-stepped-on-my-j-s-oanyway we are talking about him getting busted with drugs and weapons last night.
being the drug of choice.
us weekly has more on this fiasco…

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Don’t Use “F*ck” and “Trey Songz” in the Same Sentence

tumblr_nl0qxuwm9q1tsri4qo1_500…because he will send his goons after you.
i’m serious.
travis scott and young thug learned how trey songz do!
travis scott made the mistake of allegedly saying:


…at a recent concert in virginia.
the same state trey is from.
well this is what happened outside their tour bus
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Nicki Minaj and Foxy Brown Come Out To Play; Leave Lil’ Kim At Home

(whoa Cam… whats wrong?)

Word on the street is Nicki dug up Foxy Brown from whatever cemetery she was in down in BK.
She was going to surprise the audience with her, and Azealia Banks at Summer Jam.
As you can already guess, that was a NEGATIVE.
Lil Kim, as usual, had a lot to say on Twitter..

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