Nelly Scores Another Hit

Nelly-sexy-shirtless-Instagram-9so the last hit nelly had was in 2012.
oh wait…
we aren’t talking about music this time.
i think the last was time was “grillz”?
or was it “hot n hurr”?
i don’t even remember.
i think i paid attention to him musically when he debuted his jail bawdy.

nelly-stepped-on-my-j-s-oanyway we are talking about him getting busted with drugs and weapons last night.
being the drug of choice.
us weekly has more on this fiasco…

tumblr_nmpfs1oekL1urg3t1o1_540Though he once sang “light it up and take a puff, pass it to me now,” it’s likely that Nelly is regretting his most recent toke. The rapper’s tour bus was pulled over in Tennessee on Saturday, April 11, according to TMZ.

The bus was originally stopped for not having the proper Department of Transportation sticker, but when cops smelled weed, they decided to search the vehicle.

Police told TMZ that they found a bag that tested positive for meth and they also found a small amount of marijuana aboard the bus. Cops also found several guns, presumably without the proper permits. Nelly’s lawyer also told Us Weekly that there was allegedly a small amount of MDMA that was confiscated.

Nelly, 40, was booked on felony marijuana possession charges and his passenger Brian Jones was arrested for possession of handguns.

i’m more shocked at the “touring” part.
829…was this a “greatest hits” tour?
does he have greatest hits?
either way…
i guess time does repeat itself.
meth tho?
nelly doesn’t come off like a meth user,
but its not like we been shocked before.

lowkey: besides a bet reality show,
and a couple appearances on “husbands of hollywood”,
how is he even sustaining this lifestyle of his?
should i even ask?

article taken: us weekly

8 thoughts on “Nelly Scores Another Hit

  1. J, artist make a majority of their money on tours/doing shows. The BET shows are probably to get him back into ppl heads so that when he start doing shows and tours again ppl more inclined to actually come.

  2. It was a tour bus afterall… It may have been his tour bus, but he isn’t the only one on it lol. If his bestfriend cousin had meth in their possession the articles would’ve read the same.

    Look up his networth as well many investments 🙂

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