and your new homecoming queen is…

we live in a time where things have surely changed.
what was once taboo isn’t.
it might be a good or bad thing,
but that depends on who you ask.
i want to ask the foxhole something tho.
it’s about a recent story that just broke.
it’s about a student at white station high school in memphis, tennessee.
the student was voted homecoming queen but…

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He Was Sexin’ Em, Makin’ Em Get Abortions, and God Gave Him A Pass

the pretty vixen once told me:

“when someone tells me they are deep into christianity,
i’ve already banished them.”

i feel the same way.
if you’re “deep” into anything,
there is always a story to follow.
christian rep. scott desjarlais of tennessee was allegedly deep into his patient’s pussies.
that’s the story.
he admitted that God has forgiven him for his past sins so he cool.
this is the story via patheos
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Nelly Scores Another Hit

Nelly-sexy-shirtless-Instagram-9so the last hit nelly had was in 2012.
oh wait…
we aren’t talking about music this time.
i think the last was time was “grillz”?
or was it “hot n hurr”?
i don’t even remember.
i think i paid attention to him musically when he debuted his jail bawdy.

nelly-stepped-on-my-j-s-oanyway we are talking about him getting busted with drugs and weapons last night.
being the drug of choice.
us weekly has more on this fiasco…

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