He Was Sexin’ Em, Makin’ Em Get Abortions, and God Gave Him A Pass

the pretty vixen once told me:

“when someone tells me they are deep into christianity,
i’ve already banished them.”

i feel the same way.
if you’re “deep” into anything,
there is always a story to follow.
christian rep. scott desjarlais of tennessee was allegedly deep into his patient’s pussies.
that’s the story.
he admitted that God has forgiven him for his past sins so he cool.
this is the story via patheos

A Christian Republican congressman has openly admitted to sleeping with his patients while he was a doctor, and even pressuring them into abortions despite his public anti-choice stance, but it’s all okay in his mind because he says God forgave him.

Rep. Scott DesJarlais, of Tennessee, already paid a fine for his sexual misconduct with patients, according to Nova Magazine.

Somehow, with the country currently much more aware of sexual abuse issues, DesJarlais has avoided public scrutiny. And he doesn’t dispute the claims either. The 53-year-old congressman said he paid the fine against him levied by the Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners in 2013 for his sexual misconduct with patients.

DesJarlais reportedly had sex with multiple patients, bought them gifts, and pushed them to have abortions, which he paid for.

But DesJarlais is a Christian, which means all of this is forgiven by his God as long as he properly repents. So far, that’s the stance he’s taken, and it’s worked.

However, now the remarried DesJarlais proclaims that he is ‘pro-life and proud of it’, and says ‘God has forgiven me.’

In fact, DesJarlais was elected — and given a second term — even after his constituents knew about his past activities.

At this very moment, the House of Representatives includes Scott DesJarlais, a physician and a staunch opponent of abortion rights, who was given a new term after voters learned he had dated his patients while still married to his first wife and pressured one of them to get — yes! — an abortion.

i mean…
look at who our current president is.
he acted a damn fool in the campaign.
showed his orange ass continuously,
but ended up getting a seat at the most important table.
now most of his stans are complaining and i’m lowkey here for it.
it is making me desensitized to other’s stupidity.

as far ^this fool in the entry,
he sounds like a pure bred hustler.
whoever is follow him is being hustled heavy.
if he was a regular nobody,
he would have been banished.
i would say i feel sorry for his current wife,
but like our current president,
they knew what they were getting into.

article cc: patheos

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “He Was Sexin’ Em, Makin’ Em Get Abortions, and God Gave Him A Pass

  1. When people claim they are so religious, that is generally a sign for me to stay away and tread cautiously. They generally show their colors at some point, and I’m like that’s not very Christian of you. Lol

    I particularly hate when politicians try to throw it out there that they’re so religious. Most of us know it’s nothing more than a scam, and they’re saying what they know MIDDLE AMERICA (who seem to be clueless) wants to hear, because the East/West coasts ain’t buying that BS! You have these guys out here saying they’re against abortion, gays, etc. Meanwhile I’m sure MANY of them are utilizing these services they so adamantly protest against.

    1. “When people claim they are so religious, that is generally a sign for me to stay away and tread cautiously. They generally show their colors at some point, and I’m like that’s not very Christian of you. Lol”

      Pretty much

  2. The whole point of Christianity is to be redeemed if you confess your sins and work on them.

    I can’t say what’s in his heart, but at least he isn’t denying anything.

    Being religious doesn’t mean you’re infallible or perfect.

    I’ve met Christians who ain’t shit and people who despise Christians and don’t believe in shit that ain’t shit *shrugs*

    I do wonder why nonbelievers are so consumed with whats going on in the church and what religious people do if they find it so problematic and hypocritical.

    1. Because those religious people are always trying to force their religious beliefs onto every one else and create oppressive laws based off of their religious fairy tales.

      You want to be religious, fine but keep that shit to yourself or in church. Don’t try to make it the fucking law of the land

      1. It’s almost just as confounding why you seem so consumed with gay people and what they do and say that’s problematic when you claim to have no interest in them while continuously giving everyone who isn’t gay a pass for their stupidity lol, it’s all the same bro…

        I’m not excusing the actions of many gay people btw, I find them just as culpable as you. For me idiots are idiots no matter what spectrum they happen to fall into. There’s not one redeeming “community” on the planet, so it’s pointless to sit here and criticize, everybody ain’t shit and nobody is going to change, and there are only 5-10% that are worth associating with in this world, and those people aren’t lumped into any one community, doctrine, or sexuality. Either we criticize everybody, or we criticize nobody, everything in between, is pointless…

    2. And those who are constantly professing their “Christian” values and beliefs are the ones that continuously need to confess their sins and ask for forgiveness.
      I know my house isn’t in order, so I will not tell or try to tell another person how to live their life, what to do with their body, etc. THAT is when you cross a line, whether your motives are religious or political. If your house isn’t in order…you don’t need to be preaching to anyone.

      It’s a big reason why I have a problem with organized religion. I can read, so I do not need someone interpreting the Bible’s verses for me, because more than likely they are twisting the words to fit THEIR beliefs/views. Meanwhile as soon as service is over, you fawning over the fresh young meat in the “flock” trying to figure which one they want to bang out. And let’s not forget the Reverends/Bishops/Pastors/ who are living the high life, while their congregants are taking two or three buses to get to church and giving their money (tithe) to the church…but still living poorly. IJS

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