Hoes Who Give Head Need Jesus (Too)

when you get delivered,
you often have a testimony.
hoes always have the most interesting stories,
but should they be shared when standing up at the altar?
a foxholer sent me a ex-street walker sharing how she got up off her knees.

it reminds me of the drunk aunt who decides to overshare at thanksgiving.
she could have made her point without being so graphic.
young cubs are in the audience.
the wolf holding the mic could have at least hugged her after,
or maybe even stopped her from “going there”,
and allowed her to continue on with whatever she was saying.
i had to ask the foxhole…

Was she wrong for her word vomit?

…or was her “chill button” broke?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Hoes Who Give Head Need Jesus (Too)”

  1. It’s upsetting me and my homegirl, I mean if you can’t go to church and give your testimony where the he’ll can you go?! 😂

  2. Watching this clip, this woman needs help, by the way of her speech pattern and tone. She was doing drugs as well and I hope that church gave her support and whoever at that church sharing the video is dirty for doing it. When someone has made mistakes in their past that has possibly not harmed others, instead of making a joke about this situation, give love and support. We don’t know who may have been touched by her testimony. Also, her words could have been crafted better, but the parents can use what she shared in church as a teachable moment to their children and church members can follow up to reinforce what was said.

  3. Damn she was a bit vuglar, “licking balls” and I’m sure she woke up that congregation. Although she was cut short on the testimony im sure they council her on the matter, and I know any pastor would want to change a women life like hers around

  4. People kill me saying she should’ve been allowed to finish and church people were judging her. This was being televised and for all we know that woman wasn’t thinking of the implications of revealing that to the world.

  5. Churches need to do better thats why i dont go to church anymore. Instead of shaming her he could have coached her and stopped her and re-worded her thoughts for her a bit more elegantly hell she’s been doing heavy drugs for years I’m sure a few of her brain cells are fried and that was her only way she knew how to express herself honestly. Could have at least gave her a hug to make her feel less ashamed.

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