H&M Stands For “Hot” & “Mess”

that is the question i’m asking myself today.
in such a sensitive climate as the one we live in now,
wtf was h&m thinking with this foxhole…

what creative director thought this was a brilliant idea????
and why did the parents of this cub “okay” this foolywang?
what else burned my biscuits?
the white cub is a survival expect:

i can’t even.

lowkey: i’m starting to wonder if this shit is done purposely?
to tick off folks so they can get the pitch forks?
this makes absolutely no sense.

Author: jamari fox

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5 thoughts on “H&M Stands For “Hot” & “Mess””

  1. Lol. Well, I like to associate this with what media and advertisement have always been doing and that is sending subliminal messages.

    Also if you pay attention to how some UK ghosts act, they have been known to throw bananas at dark skinned football (soccer) players. A ploy at the “Blacks are monkeys” trope.

    Good ole Murica ain’t no better, considering how they often tried to paint Michelle Obama, an elegant, highly educated, strong black mother as a classless, ghetto angry monkey.

  2. I have been in an H&M twice and was not impressed by the overpriced outfits they were selling and the hype some of the people I work with rave about. The vendors Walmart use make better quality products than H&M. This product was not posted on the US website, but I think it was in the UK, someone correct me if I am wrong. Also, H&M will likely get more businesses for doing this, I can’t remember what company was previously called out last year for doing something crazy and their site was flooded with sales.

    1. This is why we need more representation of us black folks in the creative agencies. It saddens me that we don’t have multicultural agencies like “Global Hue” that is now white washed!

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