slim thug refuses to look gay in his clothes so he’d rather look cheap

some people’s worth is tied to the flex.
some people can only wear designer shit to feel good.
others can look like a million dollars in h&m.
ex(?) rapping wolf,
slim thug,
wants us to know he’s cheap and refuses to look gay in his clothes

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When In Doubt, Destroy The H&M In South Africa

so the protests for h&m keeping on going.
i hear it’s a desert in the ones in new yawk.
no one of color is trying to be seen going in any of them.
if you were like the folks in south africa,
you just destroy it.
these are tweets/pictures of what they did to an h&m down there…
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H&M Stands For “Hot” & “Mess”

that is the question i’m asking myself today.
in such a sensitive climate as the one we live in now,
wtf was h&m thinking with this foxhole…
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All He Did Was Date Her, Be Respectful, and He Got A Reward

it’s hard to go meet the bae’s parents and family.
sometimes it works out and they like you.
other times,
they are secretly plotting your demise.
well ^that young wolf,
who goes by chris hunter,
was approved by his bae’s fam.
this is the bae:

her name is madison.
so much so,
they got him…
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The Bunz of Shopping Wolf At H&M


listen foxhole.
before we get into this “ispy”,
i just gotta ask this

Hasn’t h&m come up these last few years?

h&m is my “go to” when i need something fly on my budget.
their shoes: “eh”.
clothes: “gimmie”.
right now they having this crazy sale.
like “5 and 10 bucks” kind of sale.
i got me this nice sweater that was on sale tonight.
10 dollars.
now i don’t know what was going on at that h&m in times square,
the one with the live dj,
but it was nothing but sexy wolves in there tonight.
even though work wolf was with me,
i could not stop breakin’ my neck.
i could sense he was getting jealous.
well one of my readers,
the one who likes big bunz,
captured what you can usually see in an h&m on a regular…

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Jamari Fox Has The Gift That Keeps On Giving

since i love all you guys so much,
and we just talked about fly back to school stuff,
i cum with a gift.

i want you to print this entry page until 9/3/12 and take it to H&M.
you will get 20% off an item of your choice.

tell em jamari fox sent ya.