slim thug refuses to look gay in his clothes so he’d rather look cheap

some people’s worth is tied to the flex.
some people can only wear designer shit to feel good.
others can look like a million dollars in h&m.
ex(?) rapping wolf,
slim thug,
wants us to know he’s cheap and refuses to look gay in his clothes

why are the tags still on his clothes?
was that part of the flex?
i’m sure “gay designers” are behind his affordable style.
his little speech reminded me of:

“…when in fact that cheap H&M shirt that was selected for you by the gay designers in this room”

i love how he acknowledges he’s wearing someone’s mortgage around his neck.
he knows he has to wear millions of dollars in jewelry to offset his outfit.
if not,
he’ll look like a bum in that vip section.

Slim Thug you aren’t looking “gay” in your cheap outfit but instead a walking stereotype.
We already don’t have enough of those in the club.

8 thoughts on “slim thug refuses to look gay in his clothes so he’d rather look cheap

  1. and here I was calling him emotionally mature during his conversation with Latoya and how he presented himself on College Hill. (Straight) Men will find a way to disappoint you when you are trying to sing their praises wont they?

  2. I can’t with the foolishness….And I’m not gonna try to make it make sense to me!!!

    1. He was so likeable on that College Hill reboot. Just disappointing to hear such a bone head statement.

  3. So when you wear designer clothes are you supposed to be Gay😳😳😳😳😳where did that thinking come from ? I didn’t get the Memo

  4. Just when I was about clap in my head when he said how much he paid for his clothes this ninja says he wears a million dollars worth of jewelry. I can’t with this foolishness! Oh the negrosity of it all I’m truly convinced that there’s no known cure for negrosis what a damn shame.

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