someone tells us a story about chris brown that may shock you?

there are some things that happened that are “no-brainers“.
we can’t be shocked when we hear certain stories about celebs.

I know some of ya’ll like to play dumb but I KNOW ya’ll ain’t shocked when certain people/attentionistos/celebs do dumb shit.

…especially when they have patterns of the same behavior.
when i saw this alleged story about chris brown and potential abuse…

i mean,
is this shocking news to us?
i love how he didn’t defend himself either.
if you know chris brown,
you know he’ll defend himself when something is a lie.
over the years,
we know how he’ll react to shit because he has a pattern.
i like his music but tell me something i would be shocked about.
i dunno,
he is in therapy.

that would shock me.

lowkey: i feel like these vixens who date him shouldn’t be shocked either.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “someone tells us a story about chris brown that may shock you?”

  1. Look WE KNOW who the FVck Chris Brown is. He showed us and I certainly believe him. U are not blogging anything we do not already know. That young lady is clearly scared because she’s afraid of him. But like Kelly Chris has his Waterloo coming and when it comes what a FVcking day that will be.

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