so i saw scream 6 and my thoughts as a scream stan…

the last scream,
scream 5,
was absolute garbage to me.
the new final girl and the lack of chase scenes killed it for me.

I’m like damn,
can they chase a bitch around or has Ghostface gotten lazy in the social media era?

scream is one of my fav horror movie franchises.
it’s a millennial fav tbh.
sidney prescott is our final girl.

this past weekend,
i took myself to the matinee to see scream 6,
and well…

I was into that shit HEAVYYYYY.

the kills were brutal…

…but i had two big beefs (no spoilers):

I figured out who the killer was 15 minutes in.

either i’m just elevated or i know the direction of these movies.
the big reveal played out in my head exactly how i imagined.
it wasn’t hard to figure out all the killers.

Each one of them was way too obvious.

…and i hated those who DIDN’T die.
scream had always been the type of movie to unapologetically kill off a fav.
the favs in this suffer from nepotism apparently.

other than that,
i enjoyed the ride and had stupid anxiety while watching.
it was def a roller coaster.
sidney was not needed and i’m glad she wasn’t in it.
she has been dodging psychopaths since 96.

It’s time for her to have a happy ending.

you see how terrible laurie strode has become.

lowkey: i loved kirby’s return and gayle’s chase scene.
i loved her wolf with the muscles were

his name is ( x thomas cardot ).

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5 thoughts on “so i saw scream 6 and my thoughts as a scream stan…”

  1. I hated the last one and LOVED the new one as well. I echoed your EXACT sentiments all the way down to how all of they ass survived but mind you at the same time I didn’t want them to die either. Lmao I was like “nooooo don’t kill them, noooo not them either, or them” lmao it was a good time. This was also one of the tropes they wanted to go against none of the main characters dying as she was explaining what each format a horror movie follows, this actually broke one of no main character dying and it made sense. and I love the “Core 4” I’m intrigued about their journey going forward and the inevitable return of Sydney.

    1. ^ i love the core 4 but one of them should have died.
      it would have hit better and they were stabbed TF up.
      in scream 2,
      they killed randy with no issues.
      i don’t know WHY they didn’t kill off one of the mains.

      i’m glad we had the same thought process tae!

  2. You’re better than me, J. I have not been impressed with these movies at all. The new Scream and Halloween movies were both letdowns, ESPECIALLY Halloween.
    A bit more violent than those in the past, but other than that, not very memorable. Cuba Gooding’s son (Chad) was a cutie though.

    1. ^halloween ends was so much trash.
      i took a chance with scream 6.
      i’m not even gonna cap but i enjoyed the experience in the theater.

      not only that,
      there were 3 gay couples in my theater.
      the ones across from me…
      1/2 of the couple was fine af once i saw him outside the theater.

    2. I predict Chad will get a good death in the next movie. He was supposed to bleed out in the first movie. Newest Marvel rumor has him in the running for Johnny Storm of the Fantastic Four

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