i feel like more males are as fluid as diplo than they care to admit

what is actually gay nowadays?
any takers?
it seems like more people are becoming fluid in this decade.

That means they do “gay shit” but are still considering themselves to be straight.

she ate my pussy but i’m not into gals.”
“oh yeah,
i fucked him but he is the only dude i’d smash.”

there are attentionistos who are fluid and getting milked #disrespectfully.
i’ve always said most straights would go “gay” with the right person.
they call that “vibes” now.
diplo said he has gotten head before from another male,
but according to tmz…

3 thoughts on “i feel like more males are as fluid as diplo than they care to admit

  1. I think it’d be more known if women allowed men to be sexually explorative. The minute he sees his homie naked, both of their sexualities are called into question. I know several men who Id as straight who’d just be numbers on the spectrum if they were allowed to. I’ve literally made out w male coworkers who, to my knowledge, weren’t fooling w any men, and I knew their girlfriends, (not at the times) but said that they wanted to kiss me. My point is that straight id men have barriers that they don’t have to have. Those same men would’ve prob at least been hookups if there wasn’t a societal attack on their sexuality, particularly with dealing w masculine men. And while women are a part of that problem, I’ll never not acknowledge our part in perpetuating heteronormativity in m2m relationships.

  2. I feel that the majority of humans will engage in some form of same sex with the “right” person and situation. I also believe there are men and women who will “not” engage in same gender sex.

    Example: I am sexually aroused by Men not Females . So of course there are men who are exclusively into females no matter what the circumstance Jail, Alcohol ,Hustling or for Drugs.

  3. Well….when ya cumming and ya drunk it is what it is type of gay. Very much question mark gay type of straight guy but not necessarily exclamation point gay.😂😂😂 I get it and not to mention he’s white and “straight” he can get away with that and still be straight.

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