When In Doubt, Destroy The H&M In South Africa

so the protests for h&m keeping on going.
i hear it’s a desert in the ones in new yawk.
no one of color is trying to be seen going in any of them.
if you were like the folks in south africa,
you just destroy it.
these are tweets/pictures of what they did to an h&m down there…


with protest:

and aftermath:

the mother of cub in the ad allegedly told ya’ll she don’t care:

she got her check so she good.
i hope to still see this same energy in about a month.
that’s when i predict this will blow over.
let this be a lesson to other companies tho.
blatant racism will be met with consequences.

see more tweets about the protest: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “When In Doubt, Destroy The H&M In South Africa”

  1. They been doing this for years and not the only company. Folks will go back to social media challenges, #WCW and #MCM in a few weeks like nothing happened.

  2. This is stupid, so instead of just not spending your money as a collective which would hurt them more, you decide to go trash the store where your fellow brothers and sisters are working for minimum wage have to then go clean up. Smh

    I understand the outrage but like Jammy said lots of brands do this and this ain’t stopping us people will be upset at this and still wear that h&m shirt in their closet like it’s nothing.

      1. Was the Tommy Hilfiger allegation proven to be true, or a rumor that was started and people ran with it. Given the allegation stated he said it on Oprah, as I remember it, and there’s no such record. Also, regarding this H&M controversy, Tyra Banks gave a mature response.

      2. Jamari, those allegations against Tommy H were not true. 🤦🏽‍♂️ Smh. Tommy helped Puff establish Sean John. Smh.

  3. Man, the 90s was Tommy and I use to have a green and white plaid shirt. It was a fad amongst us urban dwellers just to show off with the price tag. I alway wondered why it faded and never heard of such rumor.

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