His Pants Were To His Ankles As Soon As He Heard The Mating Call

i love black males.
i am a black male,
but certain shit we do makes me cringe for black males.
take this recent nonsense that bugged me for instance.
tomi lahren doing her “black male mating call” to 21 savage

as soon as a snow bunny “acts black”,
black wolves stand at attention.

that’s all it took?
have they forgotten how much of an alleged lowkey racist she is?
the problematic things she has said?

“meet the new kkk called black lives matter”

“and colin, how dare you sit there and blame white people for the problems of minority communities. after all aren’t you half white, didn’t two white parents adopt you after yours were willing to raise you. for a racist and horrible country filled with racist and horrible white people that’s really something, isn’t it?”

“is it because the black unemployment rate is double what it is for whites, or the homicide rate, or the dropout rate, or the percentage of minority communities on food stamps. well, we’ve had a black president for almost eight years now, maybe he failed you. we also have a black woman in charge of the justice department, maybe she failed you too or you’re against the the liberals, your saviors which have run your communities into the ground.”

“do you know how many of our ancestors fought in the civil war to free your ancestors?”

this is how they got fooled with miley.

as one of my straight black wolves told me,
it’s a joy to fuck snow bunnies like tami.
they fuck and smut them completely out.
to them,
it’s all about forbidden pussy.
i guess there’s a certain thrill of fuckin them with no mercy.
those bunny types crave black pipe and cannot get enough.
they will talk shit about black males in public,
but in private:

maybe it’s a “straight black male” thing?
i’m certainly not gonna fuck the shit out of a snow wolf for my ancestors.

lowkey: i mean…

all sexual relations ain’t good sexual relations.

more dragging: twitter

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “His Pants Were To His Ankles As Soon As He Heard The Mating Call”

  1. I say this frequently I think straight black men will forever be the downfall of any black power movement going on now.

    I have yet to see one that didn’t find a way to disappoint black women or pick & choose who is accepted/allowed in the movement. Or even better decide that gays are destroying the black community and should be harmed in anyway.

    1. ^do you think black gay males are any better?

      you’re on point with disappoint black vixens and accepting/allowing.
      they say black males are the “white males” of the black community.
      it’s really true.

      1. Black gay men are far from perfect, but when we try to be productive and do better, it rarely gets acknowledged.

        Black straight men will almost always get that benefit of the doubt.

      2. Honestly no I think we can be just as bad only huge difference is nobody cares or we don’t get a benefit of the doubt moment like straight black men.

    2. Agreed! Idk why we as gay males continue to even support black women who will always choose straight black males over us knowing that they constantly disrespect black women and their power.

  2. Yeah SOME black wolves are so damn dumb, yeah go ahead and screw those white girls who give no shit about you, they just want that Mandingo fantasy for that 30 minutes to an hour, and soon as you pissed some of them off they go ahead and scream rape. These black wolves over here drooling and flocking over Tomi and she probably recorded the video to joke the hip hop culture.

  3. This is what United States Agriculture Secretary Earl Butz said about black people in 1976 while serving in that position: “I’ll tell you what the coloreds want. It’s three things: first, a tight pussy; second, loose shoes; and third, a warm place to shit.” Was he right?

    Those are what might be called “creature comforts”.

    Unfortunately, I must report that nearly every day I encounter black people who appear to be intent on proving Butz correct. It’s pathetic.

  4. That is heterosexual Black men lol. We don’t claim them! They are the biggest culprits in the black community who have ZERO sense of pride. They will casually prop up a white bitch and degrade black women to the 10th power on the internet like it’s nobody’s business, and it’s done regularly like clockwork. I did see some of them saying NO, but many said they would.

    I mean I’ve seen some C00NS in the black gay community but it’s usually straight black men who PUBLICLY say *dumb* nonsensical shit like this for everyone to see. I guess it’s them stroking their fragile masculinity again. And it’s so cringe-worthy. Thank GOD my blood brothers aren’t like this…

    As fucked up as it may sound, I think also black straight men say hyper-sexual shit to prop up their masculinity. Since it’s so fragile. It’s like a cringy bro-code. It’s one of those things where if they say they won’t smash a woman who’s relatively good looking, then their homies will call them gay. It gives the saying “men think with their dicks” some truth smh.
    Do y’all remember back in high school days when dudes will brag about not being virgins? yep. It all starts from there.

    Straight men are praised for being whores. Gay guys are shamed for it. I think these things play a part in why straight dudes say dumb shit like this.

    But I hate when I see shit like this because it plays into the stereotype that black men (as a COLLECTIVE) will have sex with anything. And that’s why we’re treated like pieces of meat a lot, because of stuff like this. And I’m QUICK to check a MF for treating me like an object. Not this black man baby!!

    However that doesn’t justify a damn thing. I know if I was straight, I would never say shit like this (even if I found her attractive) based on the premise that I have self-pride and I would NEVER place a white person on a pedestal the way that many in society have been brainwashed to do.

  5. Even worse you have this fat ass YouTuber DJ Akademiks (who has over 1 MILLION subscribers) posted this on his page asking his followers if they would smash Tomi SMH


    The fact that he’s even asking with such a massive audience/influence shows the simpleton that he really is. Propping up that racist white whore like she is some prize. His followers consist of scrubs of society who troll the comments on DJ vlad, worldstarhiphop and all the other trashy hip hop sites that posts content that these dumb asses are into.

    It reminds me of when bleachy Charlamagne new biracial ass was calling Iggy Azaelea a “Nubian queen” and went on air bragging about how he loves to fuck pink pussy. This was a few years ago before he started bleaching and turned into a hotep. These dudes are all garbage and it irks me that rappers are one of the main representations of black men worldwide because a lot of these men as a collective are so misinformed and lost. The same goes for athletes. You got folks like Floyd Mayweather who can’t read and you got clowns like Gilbert Arenas who makes fun of intelligent women like Lupita because she is a dark skinned African. God helps us all

  6. SMH one thing I know for SURE is that if Tomi was a black woman saying the shit she says, HALF of these dudes would probably be bashing her. But because she’s white they’re all up her ass. Dumb asses!

  7. I LOVE black [chocolate] men. Black men (& women) are forever beautiful, but only if they have wisdom & have not been contaminated by racial dilution and arrogance.

    It’s all about image. The crown of a heterosexual black man is his masculinity. A title he holds onto so desperately to maintain relevancy in a “fair-skinned” leaning society.

    Many of them are Black homophobes (homophobots).

    [Homophobots] a term coined to describe a man that is systematically hostile towards homosexuals without cause or reason; except only to maintain his relevancy and hypermasculinity.

    Quite a few others are what I call Black hobosexuals…

    [Hobosexuals] – an irresponsible, often obtuse minded heterosexual, (usually black American) male that only dates an insecure (oftenly overweight) or culturally shifting female in an attempt to live off of her insecurities in order to have a place to stay. Hobosexuals make up for their shortcomings by slanging dick, which to them is the ultimate form of masculinity and an “even exchange” for the lack of responsibility they dont posses.

    Keep in thought that the black men who commented on Tomi as attractive have primal instincts and they are the examples of elementary (basic) masculinity. Puberty has developed their bodies, but ignorance obstructs their minds. They have a strong belief that “dicking women down” is all it requires to be a man. They fuck White women, not because it is taboo (that’s actually what whites think of messing with blacks is) they do it because they see whiteness as superior and fucking them is a boost to their fragile egos (masculinity).

    Mentally, It is like a peasant walking down the halls of an elaborate kingdom. He desires to be a king, he claims to be a king in his mind, but he himself is of little importance to that particular royal court.

    The Twitter commentor Justin in the pics, is an example of a Black hetero-peasant with elementary masculinity.

    His comment with these quoted words: “Any nigga that say they wouldn’t smash Tori”, “is either a fag”, and “trying to hard for the acceptance of black women” is very telling of his rank within the kingdom. Foolish and unlearned, he should be avoided at all costs.

    Just as you’ll never see a King clothed in rags, you’ll never see a fool clothed in common sense.

  8. I legit died at “hotdog head ass”. Dude went OFF. He really said if you stick your pipe in her it’ll come out colored a confederate flag! LMFAO! Str8 dragged and killed all they asses! Nothing but facts in those tweets.

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