baby, come smash me in the storage room during my 15 minute break *end text*

*the following entry is rated r.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

i’m not beyond messing with a co-worker from a job.
i’ve worked with some fine ass wolves at past jobs.
i’ve never had sex with any of them,
but i haveĀ  fantasized smashin’ my brains out over a conference room table.
when you spend 8 hours a day with other attractive folks,
you’re bound to develop feelings or relationships.
i’ve been at jobs where folks were fuckin’ in and out of the office,
but some of these same folks were in full blown relationships/marriages.
i saw a video of two cooks smashing at work in south africa,
but they are both in alleged marriages

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When In Doubt, Destroy The H&M In South Africa

so the protests for h&m keeping on going.
i hear it’s a desert in the ones in new yawk.
no one of color is trying to be seen going in any of them.
if you were like the folks in south africa,
you just destroy it.
these are tweets/pictures of what they did to an h&m down there…
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Saturday Night Glee-ver… Get It? No? Okay.

corny i know.
i tried to be quirky.

i found myself watching the new season of glee today.
i know.
how gay are you?
glee manages to entertain me with the drama and the song choices.
i like they turn current/past hits into interesting little numbers on the show.
i love the sarcasm.
but whatever.
i’m man enough to say i like it.

this entry comes on the heels just as we were discussing color issues within the community.
i know the following that i think are handsome don’t help…
does it?

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