baby, come smash me in the storage room during my 15 minute break *end text*

*the following entry is rated r.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

i’m not beyond messing with a co-worker from a job.
i’ve worked with some fine ass wolves at past jobs.
i’ve never had sex with any of them,
but i have  fantasized smashin’ my brains out over a conference room table.
when you spend 8 hours a day with other attractive folks,
you’re bound to develop feelings or relationships.
i’ve been at jobs where folks were fuckin’ in and out of the office,
but some of these same folks were in full blown relationships/marriages.
i saw a video of two cooks smashing at work in south africa,
but they are both in alleged marriages

i hope they washed their hands!
it’s the little things i ask myself.
i’m sure the strokes were quick because there was time constraints.
i’m sure in a more private setting,
you’d hear those cheeks clapping from zimbabwe.
i’m mad she possibly continued working with his sperm marinating up inside her.
let’s return to this story 9 months from now.

Can we talk about the kissing tho?

i love kissing.
i know we aren’t supposed to kiss just anyone,
but i love my lips against someone else.
if they know how to kiss,
that shit can turn me tf on.
i’m a:

Bite your bottom lip and pull you on-top of me kind of fox

i gets into it real heavy.
that part when you’re so into it,
that your tongues
start flickin’ against each other >>>

i’m hot.
it can be more passionate than the actual sex tbh.

if you decide get into relations at work,
even tho it’s risky af to shit where you eat,
you gotta make both come to a mutual understanding of boundaries.
i admire those who fuck on the low and no one knows a damn thing,
but there’s nothing more exciting than the drama of a work relationship gone sour.
one of my ex barbers was fuckin his boss.
the moment that went bad,
he was out the door and i never saw him again.
he was a damn good barber too.
i’ve been in situations where as soon as two people at work smashed,
the wolf was already airing shorty out.
the worst is when they start getting clingy during work hours.
uh uh.
my rule on any wolf i’m interested in at work:

Watch how big that mouth is

i’m private about who i deal with and if you’re messy af,
there will be no fuckin’,
or even talkin’ at work.
i don’t “do” blabbermouths and liabilities.

lowkey: i probably coulda had some good meat from these past jobs,
but these wolves were always curious and scared.
they played too many mind games and it might have been for the best anyway.

14 thoughts on “baby, come smash me in the storage room during my 15 minute break *end text*

  1. This reminds me of the time I walked in on my best friend (female) and our mutual coworker (footballer wolf) going at it in on the conference room table. The majority of the office had been vacated due to an office relocation but a few stragglers were still around. The image has been burned into my brain. I walked in and they were like OH FUCK and he pulled that big chocolate dick out of her but then they realized it was just me and he commenced to smashing her while saying keep a look out I need to bust this nutt. Normally she would give me the juicy details of her escapades but this time I saw it for myself. From that day forward he was nicknamed “MOANER”!!!

  2. I’m with it as long as both are adults. The mind games you play and being scared will most likely cause me to be messy because I’m very guarded and if I let my guard down with you just for you to be unsure then I need answers. Just be direct and honest and you can have it all. You play me and I’ll play you PERIOD Pooh.

  3. I’m gonna need them to wash some hands before making my McFlurry. Thanks.

  4. I don’t know about y’all but I’m stuck on the camera following them making sure they get everything. Not that I’m trying to do something but I make sure I know where the cameras at all times because you may need that camera. This here, clearly wasn’t no condom involved. If you gone smash at work, use the restroom and lock the door. At least ain’t no camera to see you in action.

  5. I’m sorry but that was interesting,the stroke was nice,they were so passionate and the excitement of getting caught omg amazing…

  6. The kissing turned me on and I don’t watch straight porn. I didn’t get erect, but I couldn’t tear my eyes away until she started undressing. It was PASSIONATE!!!! Whew!

      1. I always get mad at weddings when they do “You may now kiss the bride” and they do a little peck. I feel you should lock lips for at LEAST 30 seconds!

  7. I’m learning marriage means nothing these days to some people.
    Case in point, this girl at my job always talked about her husband. He is amazing. I luv him so much,anything I want I get, on and on and on. Then one day I went to lunch and who did I see making out with the UPS guy. You guessed it the married girl from work lol. I guess dick was the only thing her husband wasn’t delivering 😂

  8. IDK it was something very beautiful about it ( ha ha ha ).. Maybe the kissing and the black,black skin and its natural.. Sex happens at every job yall. Try it. I did years ago

  9. i got head a few times at work from my dl co-worker and it was fans self whew HOTTT. my dumbass could have got caught/fired. oh my young ratchet days. the vixens at my job be like “you the only one who hasn’t messed around with someone” I’m like “Yup ☺️” Lmao

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