shane dawson chased the bbc of fame and it ended up f*ckin him hard (the smiths)

when you first get your first taste of fame,
like your first taste of pussy/dick/or foxhole,
you will do whatever it takes to get more of it.
it’s like a wack dude hounding down a bad ass vixen for pussy.
the more he does for her,
the easier it will be to slide her panties off.
well youtuber,
shane dawson,
might regret chasing the bbc of fame earlier in his career.
he has been accused of doing black face,
saying the “n” word,
a ton of ( x child pedo shit ),
but he did something to rile up the smith family.
by doing this

it seems like he was doing whatever to stay relevant with that cringey shit.
if you have to try so hard...
it got the attention of jada and jaden smith and they tweeted:

you don’t want to piss off the smiths.
not only that,
that major news networks are on this story as well:


of course,
shane did what folks do when they’re antics of chasing fame catches up to them.

The apology video!

20 whole minutes!

will it be over for him?
in this new climate,
it might just be.
folks do/did dumb shit for the fame,
but bad behavior always has a way of catching up.
no one laughs when the tears of a clown fall down.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “shane dawson chased the bbc of fame and it ended up f*ckin him hard (the smiths)”

  1. The willow stuff is new to the public, but the racist stuff isn’t. It came out years ago that he was doing blackface and he addressed it as “it’s not a big deal I was young” and everyone just accepted that. It’s not until recently when he attacked the beauty community that things have been going downhill for him. He did a shady doc series with jeffree star last year and that started Making people give him the side eye.

    Ps. I am so done with people who get called out for racist behavior excusing it as, “I was young”. Like you were weren’t young in the 1940s, racism hasn’t been ok for a long time, even for youth.

      1. I feel like a lot fg these racist try to appeal to young white guys . A lot of young white guys are racist. So they try to tip toe up to the line but then get caught up in their need for clicks and jump over.

  2. Ugh take my ass bck to the 90s when you had to be TALENTED to be famous, it disgust me that people can sit infront of their own camera, be a total spaz for 10 mins…..and achieve fame 🤮 not to mention draw income! Ugh

  3. The funny part…..

    A) if he didn’t write that stupid rant on twitter where he chose a VERY self-righteous route, he would not have the community on his ass getting him canceled.

    B) The real target people wanted to cancel was Jevfefe Star…he’s sitting in his bunker letting his good judy get rest and jeff will walk away from all of this unscathed.

    The man has way too much plot armor. They’re both trash as far as I’m concerned.

  4. side-note. Shane does wayyyyyy too many jokes about pedophilia for me to think its simply edgy humor.

    It’s looking realllll sus!

  5. This and PewDiePie is who y’all made famous SMH Name one Black YouTuber who is mainstream and FOR US. Todrick doesn’t count.

    1. I saw on Grindr that Todrick was hosting some web Pride event a day or two ago … instantly lost my boner. He rubs me the wrong way. (Especially since Jamari educated us on his “white gaze”). Why do the white gays keep forcing him on us?

      Oh yea, Shane is trash.

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