i wanted sympathy because i got the rona, but drag me instead

for some,
the rona might become trendy to get.
if you play your cards right,
it can help you get views and clicks to your creative outlets.
that is,
if you don’t drop dead.
ig attentionista,
rayvn rochelle,
ended up catching the rona.

she thought she’d get sympathy from her viewers on her youtube but…


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The #beach ain’t going nowhere. “I should’ve stayed home” she says. 😷

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…she got it being a dumb ass.
ignoring the news about how miami is a rona hot spot,
she went down there with her wolf and friends.
when they got home,
the rona hid in their carry-ons and robbed them of their immune systems.
she wants to get all the flowers for her silliness.

i find many folks out here have no shame.
what happened to the days when people did dumb shit,
know they did dumb shit,
but kept it as low as possible?
nowadays folks are okay getting a dragging in the name of “fame”.
you just need to be dragged back under the bridge.

i’ve come to the realization summer 2020 might just be cancelled.
it seems this shit has gotten stronger.
everything is about to be virtual.
the 2020 bet awards is about to be a whole zoom meeting.

i don’t even want to go get a haircut.
my foxy senses doesn’t trust any of this shit tbh.
this wack ass government don’t care either.
if i end up getting the rona,
best believe,
it won’t be because of stupidity.

lowkey: where is your state a month ago compared to this month…

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7 thoughts on “i wanted sympathy because i got the rona, but drag me instead”

  1. One of the 16 Becky’s from Florida said she had the runs. Yeah I’m good 8n the house. THANKS

  2. already florida is at a record high pike and speculation a Shut down is in the works for the next two weeks, mark my words!! I’m enjoying this extended vacation watching movies and really enjoying life in doors.

  3. Fort Worth’s NBC News affiliate reports:

    A surprise birthday party last month has ended up with 18 members of a Texas family being diagnosed with COVID-19, including a couple in their 80s and a cancer patient. Carole and Frank Barbosa, who are in their 80s, are among the family members fighting the coronavirus.

    Both have been hospitalized for at least a week. While Carole is hoping to be home soon, Frank is in the intensive care unit, according to their children. Ron Barbosa wrote on Facebook Wednesday that his father received a crucial plasma infusion from recovered COVID-19 patients who had antibodies.

    “Prayers were answered today,” he wrote. “Now he needs to get well for mom and the Barbosa Family. Please continue to give plasma after you have recovered from Covid! The waiting list is growing every hour and you will save a life!!”

    The New York Post reports:

    Ron Barbosa said that only seven of his family members who attended the May 30 surprise party for his daughter-in-law’s 30th birthday contracted the bug, but then took it home and infected nearly a dozen others, KHOU-TV reported Thursday.

    Barbosa, a volunteer EMT who is married to a doctor, blew off the party over health concerns — but is now worried about his infected relatives, including his elderly parents, who are both hospitalized with COVID-19, the outlet said.

    A total of 25 people came and went during the party, Barbosa told KHOU, including his nephew, who was unknowingly infected with the virus — assuming his slight cough was a symptom of his construction job.https://youtu.be/7r3MSXkzEpQ

  4. People just don’t get it and some believe corona is just fake news smh 🤦‍♀️
    Especially the under 35 group believe they can’t get it…Well did you watch the news recently…Now your getting it like free drinks 🍹
    16 white girls all friends went to a bar in Jacksonville Florida. They said “Hey we been in the house for month’s, let’s get out and have fun”
    A couple days later, start feeling sick got tested….Surprise Corona lol
    All of them said it’s been rough dealing with the symptoms. Oooooh really lol 😂

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