Saturday Night Glee-ver… Get It? No? Okay.

corny i know.
i tried to be quirky.

i found myself watching the new season of glee today.
i know.
how gay are you?
glee manages to entertain me with the drama and the song choices.
i like they turn current/past hits into interesting little numbers on the show.
i love the sarcasm.
but whatever.
i’m man enough to say i like it.

this entry comes on the heels just as we were discussing color issues within the community.
i know the following that i think are handsome don’t help…
does it?

everyone meet jacob artist:


jacob is 19.
new “yawk” boy.
and thenĀ  we have dean geyer:


he can look forward for me to riding him...

oh my lord.
he is south african born australian.
oh yeah.
that sounds like a good mix.
plus he is a jock.

you know i love that.
i like him better.
he is 26.
beyond legal.
did he i mention he has body… and a accent?

i shoulda turned this one into a LAY DOWN SOME RUBBER.
but, nope.
not this round.

lowkey: sup with this influx of “not from this country” actors as of late?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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