is 600breezy the only fine rapper these days?

i was just telling someone i don’t see much “yum” in hip-hop nowadays.
back in the late 90s and 00s,
an era i grew up in,
rappers use to be fine-fine.
and even busta when he debuted the muscles.
jay was even cute when he was young.

these days,
most hip-hop artists in the 20s era look like they just woke up out of bed.
even the r&b singers ain’t sexy.
it wasn’t until i saw this muthafucka the other day in a vladtv interview.
foxhole meet 600breezy

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Teaching Myself To See My “Beautiful”

someone said i was “beautiful” yesterday at the show.
totally shocked me,
but it was the universe doing.
or whatever you believe in or don’t.
i was just discussing with the pretty vixen about it 2 hours early,
during intermission between mariah to lionel.
she said to me…

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All That Walkin’ So He Be Face Down; Ass Up

olivia-marie-big-ass-gif_zpsaf609ebccigarette in hand.
puffing his life away.
walking like he has somewhere to be.
he doesn’t.
just to the bodega for a coffee.
hat low.
he sips it slow.
he lookin’ for something else tho…

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Saturday Night Glee-ver… Get It? No? Okay.

corny i know.
i tried to be quirky.

i found myself watching the new season of glee today.
i know.
how gay are you?
glee manages to entertain me with the drama and the song choices.
i like they turn current/past hits into interesting little numbers on the show.
i love the sarcasm.
but whatever.
i’m man enough to say i like it.

this entry comes on the heels just as we were discussing color issues within the community.
i know the following that i think are handsome don’t help…
does it?

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Oh I DEFINITELY Need a Refill On That

I was sitting home,
getting ready to go out,
and came across this video from a new artist who I love, Elle Varner:


Song is great and I am sure I will purchase her album…

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f0x Asks… (3)

This maybe a silly question to some…
but I always believe that no question is ever silly enough to ask…


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