is 600breezy the only fine rapper these days?

i was just telling someone i don’t see much “yum” in hip-hop nowadays.
back in the late 90s and 00s,
an era i grew up in,
rappers use to be fine-fine.
and even busta when he debuted the muscles.
jay was even cute when he was young.

these days,
most hip-hop artists in the 20s era look like they just woke up out of bed.
even the r&b singers ain’t sexy.
it wasn’t until i saw this muthafucka the other day in a vladtv interview.
foxhole meet 600breezy

age: 31
location: chicago, illinois
occupation: rapper
face card: approved


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he is handsome af.
he looks like a few pretty boy wolves i’ve seen.
this is what he looked like in his 20s:

his face changed nicely as he went into his 30s.
in today’s rapping standards,
he looks like he takes a shower and doesn’t skip lotion.

i haven’t heard the music yet but he has a decent flow.

i’ll allow it.

8 thoughts on “is 600breezy the only fine rapper these days?

  1. Oh sweet Jamari, this is one fine trade you DONT wanna mess with 😂 Breezy is a dangerous Chicago nigga, who has fathered triplets (yes triplets) with this extremely ghetto female rapper named “Queen Key” and he has openly said he don’t give af about her while she was pregnant (so I’m assuming he is NOT in his childrens lives) and then a few years ago he was messing with Sky from Black ink crew and played her, dealt with her just to get his followers up, this man is cute but VERY trash

  2. FXCK, he is FIONE!!!! Dimples, skin, teeth, smile, and those eyes. And, I love how his expressions changes from sunshine to midnight like a true thug. 🔥🔥🔥

  3. I do miss the era of fine rappers it feels like some are personal taste cute, like kid cudi or tyler the creator, or they are don’t shower ugly now…well except skepta that’s an attractive man tbh.

    1. Malcolm
      I agree. Jamari has great taste, however with this one, I see nothing that distinguishes him. I know it’s fictional, but Lil Murda when’s hands down, all around. These Skittles, ramen noodle raised youngsters aren’t cutting ✂️ it.

  4. My best friend and I were just talking about rappers and how fine they were in the 90s and early 2000s last night lol. I agree with u Jamari the rappers of today aren’t really doing it lol.

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