whether its a specific person or a stranger, manifest that sh*t

i had an interesting discussion with fancy about manifestation.
while we were having the conversation over the weekend,
i had an “a-ha” moment.
she was saying that in manifestation,
you shouldn’t try to manifest someone in particular.
your ex or some male you desire on ig.

“If you manifest a specific person,
they might be the worst thing to enter into your life…”

i always see spiritual twitter saying this but then i responded:

I don’t think thats always true because…

… you can meet complete strangers and they end up hurting you.

We manifested them into our lives too.
So shouldn’t The Universe have protected us from meeting assholes?

People have met the love of their life a Starbucks and years later,
they ended up getting killed by them.”

she agreed after thinking about it.
i mean,
it’s true.
there are wolves that i met along the way that weren’t always great.

there are wolves that we reconnected after they grew tf up.
life happens.
it dawned on me that whether you meet a specific person or a stranger,
that doesn’t mean you’ll have a love story.
it might be a reason,
a season,
a lifetime,
or another spin around the block.

You can hook up with someone from your past and it goes well or not.
You can be minding your business and meet someone new and it goes well or not.
It’s up to the alignment of you both tbh.

i think the thing is that if it’s meant to be,
you’ll end up with who you need to be.
it doesn’t really matter who it is.
life is all about luck anyway.
some of us are just luckier in the game of life than others.
thats what they’re not telling you tho.