so i watched house of the dragon on hbo max and well…

you know i was hesitant.
game of thrones was my everything until that last season.
i could have watched house of the dragon live last night but i waited.
i realllllly didn’t want to waste my time.
when i woke up this morning,
i went sniffing for reviews and everyone’s fingers were a gasp.

good reviews.”

i decided to skip a nap and watch the first episode on hbo max.
um and with heavy spoilers…..


for an hour and 15 minutes,
i was tuned tf in.
the show gave me slight anxiety too.
i know how game of thrones gets down.
i’m gonna give some quick thoughts:

The King is giving Ned Stark.
His councilmen look like they are about to turn on his ass.

I lowkey loved he sacrificed his wife and ended up losing.
Dumb ass.

I thought the redhead was gonna be a “Sansa Stark” tbh.
From the previews,
it seems she is about to turn up on their asses.

I’m so mad the father of the redhead was trying to pimp his daughter out.
I cried at that scene.
WTF was that asshole thinking?

Speaking of that asshole,
he seems bitter and unruly.
I’m sensing he is gonna be the one to lead the march of deceit.

I kinda lowkey stan for Daemon Targaryen.
We stan a rebellious and out-of-control heir.

I keep forgetting you can’t get attached to these characters on this show.
Good end up being bad,
bad end up being good,
and they’ll kill someone off in a second.

I want a dragon.
Then again,
I don’t think a dragon in my possession is a good idea.

“Don’t you want to see me whippin’ my dragon down the Ave?
Blow up spots on bitches because I’m mad
Break up affairs, blow fire in the air…”

I know they gonna “Red Wedding” our asses soon enough.
I’m waiting for it.
Someone(s) gonna die dramatically.

I loved when all the families came to see the new heir of the throne.

i think thats it.
the storyline was easy to follow.
i wasn’t confused and i loved seeing the got landmarks.
i can’t wait to see what medieval drama they gonna bring us every week.
i’ll fully allow this.

lowkey: the game of thrones universe really teaches you about power.
everyone wants power.
some aren’t good with power.
some are too weak with their power.
backstabbing and betrayal can come with power.
this is why when black folks are in the industry,
you see who thrives and who fails.
who are the mad kings,
the ned starks,
and the cersei lannisters.
you’ll see that if you wait long enough and play your position,
you’ll see those fall off their thrones to easily hand you the crown.

power is power.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “so i watched house of the dragon on hbo max and well…”

  1. This show is about to be an emotional rollercoaster. I learned very early with GOT not to get attached to characters because your fave could get axed at any moment. Nobody is safe. I will say I’m really intrigued by the Velaryons. A husband who’s nickname is the Sea Snake and a wife who is the Queen Who Never Was….. They don’t sound like the ones to fuck with!

  2. Ugh yes to your last paragraph as well. I LOVE this universe and I’m so glad to be back in it! The good thing about this as opposed to the main series is that this story is complete so no fuck ups because they ran out of story at the end. They will have to do something completely off the wall to mess this up.

    I immediately thought of how ruthless and crazy cut throat the music industry is, hell our own political landscape and many other industries. Like you said power is power, so many people out here today are playing there own “Game of Thrones”.

  3. Insiders say 6 is the new 9. In the GOT show episode 9 was always the shocker episode (aka the Red Wedding). They are saying episode 6 is the money shot this season.

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