ya’ll are mad at the monster we created called lamonte stennis?

why are ya’ll mad at lamonte stennis?
he still ain’t
hurt your feelings hard enough yet?

he has the best bawdy and thighs in the game so ya’ll ignore his violence.
so i was sent this and i was like…

Everything said in those alleged tweets from both parties is true tbh.

i don’t get where some gays missed the first clues.
lamonte only fucks with gays that pay for his time.
you can rub his bawdy down,
grab his ass,
and pretend to jack him off when he is on the clock.
he is gay for pay.
whatever happens at those events doesn’t mean he fucks with you.
some of ya’ll think you can turn him out cause he put his dick in your face.
have you noticed he doesn’t take pictures with gays unless it’s at his events?
from what i’ve seen,
and if i’m wrong please correct me,
but he has never been humble with gays unless you paid for a sip ‘n’ paint.

That means he only fucks with your money.

…even if it’s doing homoerotic shit on his platforms.
i guess folks thought he was gay-friendly because of that.
he knows his fanbase and where his bread is buttered.
most trump supporters aren’t the most accepting tbh.
i’m surprised that was missed and ignored.

when i saw him on 42nd street and wrote an entry about him,
my first clue was how he didn’t say thank you.
i felt a little disappointed but i started to peep at how he moves.
does this mean lamonte is a villain in this story?

That depends on who you ask.
His goons don’t seem to think so since they are playing the same game.

i think he knows gays will kill their young for a chance to fuck a fantasy.
if they even get the taste of it,
they will open their wallets and spend their last dime.

You can’t get mad because you chose to ignore his blatant disrespect.
His attitude towards gays is not new.
This isn’t a shocker or a surprise.

That isn’t his fault that gays decided to turn the other cheek.

so i dunno why ya’ll are mad.
he showed us who he was.
some of ya’ll simply didn’t want to believe it.

lowkey: i like when hoes were not chatty.
this new era of talkative hoes is really a dick deflator.

your job is to be naked and perform sexual acts for money.
i don’t need to hear your opinion or your thoughts on the weather.
STFU and do your job.
thats my issue with him.
take your pants off and show me your those fat thighs.

28 thoughts on “ya’ll are mad at the monster we created called lamonte stennis?

  1. If you still support someone like Stennis, then you’re the problem. Period. Just because you understand what he’s doing, does not make what he is doing any more right or ok. Enabling his actions, by saying, ” oh well I get to touch and rub on him” is complete ignorance. Not only are you making yourself look stupid but people following your lead make an entire community look stupid. This is how we ended up with Trump Supporters; dumbasses supporting & enabling bad behavior. Stennis is a goddamn self-hating degenerate who ain’t even all that good-looking, who preys on desperate fags to make his rent.

  2. He doesn’t respect the “community” because the community doesn’t respect itself.

  3. He’s right. I’ve had white women try to make trouble for me for rejecting them. Same for white guys. You are very sexualized as a Black man as if you only exist for the sexual pleasure of nonBlack people.

    Which is why you have GIna Rodriguez types who hate Black women, but are all over their Black male coworkers.

    The white male is the ultimate status symbol.
    The Black male is the ultimate sex symbol.

    Which is why a woman with a Black man can 100% be racist. She sexualizes him. She doesn’t see him as a whole human.

    1. Yup

      And I don’t honor this discussion surrounding gay 4 pay actors because in my opinion the gays are scammers too

      They’re posting 2 min clips on twitter and 30 second clips on onlyfans

      They think they’re famous and insult and belittle members of the community who pay their rent

      So what’s the difference ? He’s a straight pissy bitch and the gays are gay pissy bitches

  4. Politics aside, I totally agree with Lamonte on this. Let’s just address some of the big elephants in the room. First, you have the hyper-sexualization of the heterosexual black male, where he is expected to be constantly horny ready, and more importantly willing to have sex with whoever, whatever, whenever, wherever, etc., and because of this hypersexuality he is not able to set boundaries, he (the black man) is not allowed to say NO, he’s not interested; and have that boundary respected. You not only see this with Lamonte, but you saw this with Bolo on the real housewives of Atlanta, Odell Beckham Jr vs. Lena Dunham, Ginuwine being bullied for not being trans-attracted and rejecting a kiss from India Willoughby on celebrity big brother, Terry Crews and this list goes on. The general consensus from society is, “I dare he say no to me”. I do love the fact that we have opened a space and hopefully continue to expand the space for women, and the LGBTQIA+ community to have more agency and be more expressive with their bodies and sexuality but that space does extend to heterosexual men (Black men in particular) whether we like it or not.

    The other issue that might step on some toes is this gay fantasy of turning out a straight male. Again, people may not want to hear this but given our current society, any attempt at this fantasy is in the realm of sexual assault. Just like women, it’s not cool and illegal to get these dudes high on drugs and alcohol and then have sex with them. At the end of the day Lamonte has made it clear that he runs a business, while he’s on the clock he’s there to entertain, and off the clock, like most of us, don’t bother him. We say we need to have all these rights for sex workers, well Lamonte is a sex- worker: respect his rights.

    1. You told nothing but the truth. The gay community want to be respected: but turn around and disrespect those that want give them what they want.

    2. ^ i think the big elephant in the room is how gay males are way too hypersexuaLized as well.
      because of this,
      some of us don’t understand boundaries due to loneliness or hyper horniness.
      when i first started this site,
      i was super hypersexualized but then i grew tf up.
      i still make raunchy comments but i’m not in folks comments and dms being pressed if i know they’re straight (or even gay).
      i’ve had to learn what boundaries look like and “keeping my emotions out of the fantasy”.

      i agree with your second paragraph as well.
      this goes in all areas.
      i’ve seen some of the shit straight males say to vixens online.
      it’s gross.
      i’ll go to font that people,
      whether gay or straight,
      are being way too extra on social media.
      i knew people were going off the rails when they tried to justify their right to send people their unsolicited nudes.
      the chill button is broken for most and i need that function fixed.

      1. Living
        Out on the West Coast, LA and the Bay area, African American men were fetish fodder for Whites, Asians and other’s, especially in San Francisco. When the whites found out they couldn’t just walk up on you and feel your dick in the club, then the punks would card you at The Phoenix and the other dives. South of Market leather queens were the worse. All that Seli, reality616 and Jamari have written about hypersexuality is dead on. Monkeypox is a intentional infection introduced into the populace. Behavior patterns of men of all races are studied and we’re primed for this era. One thing the Powers That Be could count on is promiscuity and humanities inability to temper their sexual behaviour.

    3. I think you are conflating different things. People don’t have an issue with him being gay for pay and setting up boundaries. The issue is this guy’s utter lack of respect for the community that supports him and keeps him fed. That is an issue.
      Unfortunately gay men will except behavior from straight men (that are hot) that they wouldn’t accept from their own community.
      Again he can have as many boundaries as he wants, but disparaging his paying audience is not ok.
      Ps. Gays who support him need to demand better. There are hundreds if not thousands of men who are straight or gay, and who are just as hot as lamonte. Support people that support you.

    4. There no such thing as gay4pay. There’s no problem with him being on the clock but if you have a problem with gay people then market your shit towards women.

      The other issue I have is black people and the hate against other BLACK LGBT. YOU DONT HEAR WHITE GAY4PAY models disrespecting the LGBT community. Men are hypersexual and if you want to sell sex then fuckin deal with it.

      The only reason why Lamonte disrespects us is because most of his fans are BLACK LGBT. If most of his clients were white lgbt, he would shut his ass dumb broke ass up but he knows most of the black community is gonna agree with him.

      The nigga ain’t right and in fact he’s quite dumb and has been slanging dick on the internet for a damn decade. Nigga ain’t even saved his funds to form a REAL production company, buy real cameras, and get commercial property to actually do events in. Nigga should be running the shit by now and making upper 6 figures but he loves the GAY attention. Don’t let sis and social media fool y’all. Nigga still traveling city to city living out of 2 star extended stays.. ain’t shit to brag about.

  5. Im going to be honest he’s cute but I never checked for him like that, only few gay4pay guys entertain me and he was not one, once I found out he was pro-trump I was completely over all that/him so people being surprised about how he moves & his actions does not make sense like y’all know who he is why are the girls still paying him if y’all are mad?

  6. Gustavo Viva and the incomparable TJ Swann and The Latino Fan Club actors were old skool porn kings who kept us coming back when I was young. They had the goods and kept a air of mystery about themselves. These new millennial media whores are so played out and overexposed. No allure AT ALL. This Lamonte Stennis woman is a popeyed Republican hater. He obviously possesses the goods enough to cause the goils to go in the coin purse and pull out change. I don’t see the charm, but I am four eyed and wear bifocals so I guess I am too blind to see it.

    1. Not the Latino Fan Club, you aging yourself. They don’t know nothing about that lol.

      1. I know. LFC was cracking, Badboyzclub. This was before the oversaturation of porn, when excite chat and paltalk were just starting up, so that’s wayyyyy back. Like dial up internet way back. It’s just too much to choose from, so I quit watching it.☺️😊

  7. Who is WE???!!! I BEEN talked y’all how we threw the sip & paint together and I caught him coming out the bathroom with our male guest after being gone for 15 mins…I’m good on Miss Trump supporter!

    1. This tea is what? PIPING HOT!

      I don’t care about this man nor would I know his name if I saw him on social media.

      I avoid guys with OnlyFans, paid gigs, as they get tons of comments about being hot. They want to hear money. That’s why they’re there.

      So I go for guys who are gay and not only looking to “Collab” aka fvck on camera.

    2. How you gon hold out on that piece of evidence right there? I mean he did say if you not paying and we all seen him let gay men jack him off and bounce his dick in their face on hard. We know what happens in the restrooms at them sip and paints because there is onlyfans footage of it. What really happened in that restroom, we want to know

      1. He’s bragging about making 8K lol that’s sad. This nigga gay for pay for less than 100K a year.

  8. Dwayne McKell would’ve NEVER talked to us like this lol. I stopped checked for Miss Monte since that last presidency. He REALLY showed his ass then and not the usual way

      1. Personally I don’t care for him and have never given him a penny. That being said, regardless of opinions in either direction he’s slapping his main customers in the face and has murdered his chances of any other entertainment niche outside of only fans which is just ignorant. Gay men run the entire entertainment industry so good luck Einstein. His only saviors now are Karens with Mandingo fetishes who will see him as merely an object to play with while their husbands are away. #MakeOreoCookieSmartAgain

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