this will be the last time we see this date in our lives.
everyone is chanting,
calling their ancestors,
and doing rain dances for everything they want.

I’m on chill mode.
Kinda whatever today.
I want some things,
def money to come in,
and a reconnection with my first wolf,
but I don’t have the urge to go OD about them.

what i’ve learned with loa and manifestation

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i have a nasty habit

i love the law of attraction.
from very young,
when i would think of something i wanted,
it would somehow appear to me really quickly.
in the teachings of the law of attraction,
you have to act like you already have it.
“fake it til you make it”.
i would apply that same method when i met someone i was interested in.
they would have to show signs they were interested in me also.
i would consciously imagine we were already together in being an optimist.
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I Want To Tell You The Secret (Just Between Us Foxholers)

^that was a whatsapp from a friend of mine.
she needed to get a crib by the end of the month.
during these last few weeks,
everywhere she looked…

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Mind Over Matter


if i can work on my mind,
i think i can get anything i want.
i know you’re like:


…but it’s true.
my insecurities fuck my head up.
this is why i can’t meditate correctly.
i might just be doing it wrong.
i want everything to get in sync,
but i’m having a hard time.
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