this will be the last time we see this date in our lives.
everyone is chanting,
calling their ancestors,
and doing rain dances for everything they want.

I’m on chill mode.
Kinda whatever today.
I want some things,
def money to come in,
and a reconnection with my first wolf,
but I don’t have the urge to go OD about them.

what i’ve learned with loa and manifestation

The less effort you put in,
the less resistance you create.

meaning for the confused ones:

When you are obsessed with something(s),
that means you’re in a state of longing.
When you want something(s),
you say/write what you want and move forward.

when i think back,
i’ve manifested a lot of things based on not giving it energy.
i just said it and went about my life.
i was like “oh i’d like this” and forgot all about it.
this is how i ended up in new yawk,
all of the things i have now,
work wolf,
and other random stuff that popped up.

Rich folks don’t worry about money because they’re used to it.
Hoes don’t worry about sex and attracting because they’re used to it.
When you’re used to something,
you don’t obsess over it.
doing your job or whatever you are a pro at.

It just comes naturally so you attract it because there is no resistance.

so today i say chill out and enjoy your day.
if you aren’t in a good mood,
enjoy that too.
don’t force yourself to be anything if you don’t feel like it.
if you desire something(s) hardbody right now,
my biggest advice is to write it down and just leave it alone.
do NOT feel depressed if you don’t have it yet.
do NOT wonder how/when it’s gonna happen.
that is what causes resistance.
when i don’t care about outcomes or the “how”,
that always seems to have always worked for me.
i hope it does the same for you.

lowkey: i’m overstressing and obsessing over shit.
i use to get depressed and feel bad over things i’ve wanted,
lowkey blaming myself for it.

i don’t care.

Author: jamari fox

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